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Baseball Nut Aren't steroids supposed to make them shrink? Ball Pit He's just looking for a nice girl costume likes playing with balls as much as he does. Junk Mail Straight to the garbage bin with this one!

A Knight to Remember No matter how much you'd like to forget.

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Down for the Count Of course he's smiling. It's the closest thing he's gotten to a blow job in years. Naked Hillbilly Pixilated, thank god!

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This looks nude a serial killer wearing a human skin suit — the perfect companion costume to the aroused inmate in No. You know, because douche bags rarely travel alone.

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Sexualized Clowns Because clowns weren't scary enough already. Blow-Up Doll Honestly, this could have been so much worse.

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Long-uini and Meatballs Well, there goes my appetite. Pussy Magnet No number of halloween could make this true.

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Assorted Flashers Somehow even worse than the real thing. Follow Charles on Men and Instagram.