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After decades in which researchers concerned about teenage pregnancy focused only on intercourse, a study by the Urban Institute, financed by the federal government, provides the first national data on the sexual practices of to year-old boys. With young people engaging in a growing variety of sexual behaviors, public health experts said they were increasingly concerned that teenagers did not understand the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and were confused about what constituted abstinence.

They're not protecting themselves; they don't understand the risks of transmitting infection between the genital and oral nude. Most sexually transmitted diseases -- whether viral, like herpes and hepatitis B, or bacterial, like gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia -- can be transmitted orally or genitally.

Although most researchers say H.

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According to the study, many teenage boys anal engaging in sexual activities that include little twinks sexy movies free watch and anal sex. Sonenstein, director of the Population Studies Center at the Urban Institute and one of the study's authors.

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The report of findings from the National Survey of Adolescent Males is being released today in the latest issue of Family Planning Perspectives, a publication of the Alan Guttmacher Institute. The issue includes a report on the policy implications of oral sex among young people. The survey of adolescent boys was based on in-person interviews with 1, nationally representative males ages 15 to 19 inincluding an oversampling of black and Hispanic youths.


An earlier round in surveyed 1, boys. Drilled questions about engagement in genital heterosexual activities were asked in a questionnaire that the teenagers answered themselves rather than telling the interviewer.

Sonenstein said that methodology, known as a self-administered interview, yielded more reliable young on sensitive subjects.

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