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About NVMS, Inc.

NVMS is the industry leading national vendor management company offering a full range of inspection and preservation/maintenance services for the Mortgage, Banking, Commercial and Residential Property, Construction and Insurance Industries.

Note: the app will auto detect how many cameras are available. The live view should now be displayed. If there are more than four cameras, swipe (slide you finger to left/right) to see the other camera feeds. 4 P a g e iPhone (iOS) Installation Open the app store. Go to “Search” (🔍). NVMS7000: NVMS7000 is the latest app which support Android7.0 and P2P function. NVMS7000 4.7.7 free download. Note: the app will auto detect how many cameras are available. The live view should now be displayed. If there are more than four cameras, swipe (slide you finger to left/right) to see the other camera feeds. Download the latest version of NVMS7000 for Android. Watch security cameras with this app.

Our Network of over 35,000 highly trained and professionally certified inspectors and field representatives across the United States can ensure that all of your inspections and preservation needs are performed with precision and efficiency. Any NVMS service can be customized to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

The NVMS Leadership Team has over 100 years of cumulative industry experience and is proud to count Fortune 100 companies and GSE's in our portfolio of satisfied clients.

Our IT infrastructure is the industry standard when it comes to speed, reliability and cutting-edge technological advancements. This technology expertise including custom API’s, data mining, mobile applications and client specific solutions is one of the many ways that NVMS is set apart from our competition.

We manage the full spectrum of inspection, assessment and property preservation services needed by businesses in the Mortgage, Banking, Insurance, Commercial and Residential Property, Construction, and Corporate Relocation industries. We are committed and driven to be the industry leader and we do it extremely well, giving our clients the freedom and confidence to rely on NVMS to be their national source to “touch” any property located within the United States.

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings coordinating field service assignments out of a basement home office in Virginia. Today, NVMS counts among its’ clients six of the top ten banks in the country. On any given day, NVMS is managing the performance of thousands of work orders throughout the United States and tens of thousands of inspection/preservation services each month.

Please reach out to us to see how our services can be of benefit to your firm today:
Joe Volk
Director, Business Development
703.361.6262 x115

[email protected]

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The application is fine but the PT cloud needs help. Looks like we're stuck with port forwarding for now.

Fresh ver works on Android device 7.0, and seems to have all expected functionality!

All amazing on 7 now!

Works amazing love it

All of a sudden I can't see my cameras unless I'm connected to wifi. My wife can use data with her iPhone. I hold getting error 340026

I love this app. I have an older phone (Galaxy S4)and I'm still able to view all of my cameras and the view is clear. At 1st I kept getting the connection failure error msg, but I entered my public IP address in put of my personal IP address and boom perfection!!!!

Now I can't obtain push alerts!

Everyday light savings time changed but time on application didnt change with it.

Will not work after modernize on Android device 7.

Catch Cheats,Verify PayOuts,Check on Employees,Verify The Integrity of employee,

Very handy and reliable.

Excellent. Still not trusting anything that isnt custom (im a true stickler for security), but until i obtain my zoneminder server up and running, this is an perfect app. Free means free. Not trial, not limited. No bs, just FREE. And its not lacking because of its price. Easy and elegant, very powerful, plenty of features, and swift. I couldnt ask for more.

Application has worked excellent since day one. Some application users suffering from operator error.


This application has never worked and I need to check on my kid at daycare. This is worthless.

Ever since Hurricane Harvey this thong has worked off and on with no reliability.

This app sucks and not user friendly at all so frustrating.

This application is a pain in the ###

LTS does it again

This application is getting better but it has never been constant, I will test to begin the application and the cameras just hold loading. Something else it does, it will load the cameras but as soon as you go to a higher up camera such as 16 it won't load. When a camera loads and you test to go to a bigger picture it has to reload. I have tested to create sure it wasn't my network or dvr and my customers dvrs are doing the same thing. I will go back to Digital Watchdog! I have never had a issue with them. Stay away from Lts dvrs unless you don't wish access to your dvr.

Nvms 7000 Client

Still does work when you begin app. Hasn't worked for sometime!

Works amazing only issue I have off and on is it will lose a camera every now and then other then hat amazing application

Purchased a security system that uses this application so I can view my security cameras, let's just say ill obtain more information from Google earth.......horrible......

horrible does not load cameras waited 15 mins for 1 camera

Persistently non-functional; where is the patch ?

Works exactly as described and very reliable. Never an problem with the application itself.

Nvms 7000 App Change Camera Number

We use this application all the time. Love it

I can't express how much I hate this app. Not user friendly at all. Every time there is a change with my wife router or if I obtain a fresh phone I cannot set up the configuration without calling the camera company. Extremely redundant!!

Didn't work on my tablet. As with most Chinese software, it is not fully developed. It is created for users who will place up with sub-optimal and who have time to waste experimenting with it in to obtain it to work. There is no list of what error messages mean or troubleshooting help. Documentation is weak. App loads right into Live View. This is fine if it is working, but you can't obtain into the other menu choices if it doesn't work.

The poor rating is for attention. Im constantly getting an error 152. On ANY device. At home away from home etc. Ive done all the research for trying to fix it myself, tried Everything! Please please obtain into contact with me to help? Its for my sons daycare..TIA

Worked amazing until a few days ago. Now I can't view my cameras remotely. Lame

It works ok. However if you test to share something, once you select how you're going to share it you can't select a various way next time. So if you chose to share by email you'll always have to share by email.

Remote video feed never works when I need it.

This system allow know who were my poor neighbors

Works as expected.

Amazing for keeping an eye on my pub

Never remembers my settings for clear or fluent

Nvms7000 App For Windows

Does what it is supposed to do in an simple manner.

Nvms7000 Pc