Ogre Kickstarter Edition

One of the coolest things about the OgreKickstarter was the chance for sponsors to license and create their own counter sheets. The sheets are produced by Steve Jackson Games and are fully compatible with Ogre Designer's Edition.

These sheets are limited in quantity and will not be reprinted. Individual sponsors had exclusive sales right for a year after release, but Uncommon Ogres and ACD sheets are now available through Warehouse 23.

You also get four copies of the Kickstarter edition, your choice of $600 worth of Ogre swag or extras, and naming rights to one Ogre in the Designer's Edition as described for the $200 level. Steve will bring a large stack of party favors (including three of our prototype 3-D Ogres which you can use as prizes), run events, talk about upcoming. In May 2012, a new Designer's Edition of Ogre was funded on Kickstarter.com. The original goal was $20,000 and the final funding was a total of $923,680. As the funding grew, more and more options and upgrades were added, with the final game weighing over 25 pounds (11 kg). Steve Jackson Games.

Released with Ogre Designer's Edition, the Sponsored Counter Sheets are available as a separate purchase, and are not included in any edition of the boxed game.

Barbarians at the Gate

Ogre Designer's Edition Sheets B3 & B4
Sponsored by Drew Metzger

The Vatican Guard captain tucked the loose strand of hair behind her ear yet again. With the sound of her GEV squadron humming outside the command post, she debated how to distribute her dwindling resources. Reinforce Milan and risk losing Turin? Venice was in danger too. Unless things improve, the infidels will soon be driving on Rome! Surely these are dark days to test the faithful . . .

Barbarians at the Gate is an expansion pack for Ogre Designer's Edition.
It consists of four counter sheets with three different factions in the world of Ogre plus a book with the corresponding rules for these counters as well as scenarios. Included in the set are two sheets of Vatican Guard conventional units; two sheets of conventional units representing the 'Sons of Old Nassau' mercenary regiment; and finally, there are four (!) different types of GEV units on the sheets representing the Anarchist Relief Front.

Unique features of this expansion include:

  • Counters of the three factions in appropriate colors:
    • Purple with gold trim depicting the Vatican Guard
    • Black and orange tiger stripes (plus the 'White Tigers') representing the Sons of Old Nassau regiment
    • Pink GEVs for the Anarchist Relief Front . . . of course!
  • Two new GEV units for all three factions: the Missile GEV & the Heavy GEV!
  • Heavy Weapon Teams for both the Vatican Guard & the Sons of Old Nassau.
  • 'White Tiger' infantry counters and rules as an 'elite' cadre.
  • Pikemans (Ogre Mk I) for both the Vatican Guard & the Sons of Old Nassau.
  • New hex overlays with the associated rules for GEV Ramps and Vehicle Fords as well as Rapids/Breakers on waterways . . . (GEVs beware!)
  • Variant rules for multiple types of Cruise Missiles; randomized control of a third squad in a two-player game; 4 game scenarios (& 19 sub-scenarios!); a green train to match the Black Rose counters in Ogre: Designer Edition; 224 total counters and more!

(Note: Buying two of this expansion set would put these forces on essentially equal footing with the Paneuropean and Combine forces included in Ogre: Designer Edition.)

This is a very limited edition expansion set: Only 1,500 sets are available. Order now . . . once they're gone, they are gone!

$25 per set, plus shipping.

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* For 3-D Ogres in the livery of the Vatican Guard and Sons of Old Nassau, please see the expansion counter sheet Uncommon Ogres.

BGG Exclusive Overlays

Ogre Designer's Edition Sheets M3 & M4
Sponsored by Boardgamegeek.com

This Ogre terrain promo pack is a result of the Ogre Kickstarter project, where BoardGameGeek pledged $9,000 for the creation and distribution of two sets of promos, one of which is this terrain promo (the other promo set is BGG 3-D Units, above). Many ideas came from BoardGameGeek users, many others were devised by Steve Jackson, and all were finalized by Steve.

The result is a scenario designer's dream come true, as there is terrain in this set (the log-filled water, for instance) that is not in the rules but is left for the scenario designer. There are also many things that aren't standard Ogre canon. Various pieces are intended to work together. Here are some ideas that Steve Jackson suggests, for example:

  • Dams, broken dams, downstream log-jams, and flooded towns are all designed to support destroy-the-dam scenarios.
  • BGG-Zilla from the 3-D sheet, and the terrain he has stomped through. Is it merely damaged, or has he left it radioactive or worse? And does he have some connection with the flying saucer?
  • The big comm tower can just be a target, or it can be related to the flying saucer. Does it call the saucer? Does the saucer BUILD it? Maybe it's not actually a comm tower – those dishes could be super lasers!
  • For that matter, is the giant glowing crater an exploded reactor, or is it what happens when the flying saucer takes too much damage?

Sheet 1 contains (front/back):

  • Giant flying saucer / Giant CRASHED flying saucer
  • Missile base (center control building, nine launch silos) / Shot-up missile base
  • Flooded city (white buildings in blue water) / City devastated by BGG-Zilla (footprints)
  • Repair facility (road going through buildings, robot arms, and so on) / Wrecked version of repair facility
  • Swamp shape with multiple streams (this would drastically slow anything but infantry) / Flopped on reverse
  • Town hex completely surrounded by forest / Humongous crater
  • Bank of radar dishes / Shot-up radars.

Sheet 2 contains (front/back):

  • Two dams, one with a road over it and one not / Each has a broken version on the other side
  • Airfield with road passing near / Shot-up airfield
  • Coastal shape with forest / Coastal shape with burning rubble.
  • Drowned city / Stomped city
  • Three different-shaped overlays of flooded terrain choked with debris and logs (to use downstream from a broken dam) / Clear terrain with BGG-Zilla footprints
  • Humongous crater, but old and with plants regrowing on the inside / Humongous crater, full of water. The terrain inside the crater is NOT defined in the regular rules – it looks like shallow water filled with junk, but make of it what you will. Steve says he would not swim in it.

Ogre Kickstarter Edition Review

Both sheets also have some 'dogleg' shapes for changing streams and ridges.

Nihon Empire: North American Divisions

Ogre Designer's Edition Sheet A6
Sponsored by Roy (Thirdpower) Kubicek

Following the breakdown of the North American Combine at the end of the Last War, Nihon 'Peacekeeping' forces invaded North and South America in 2101, intent on exploiting the vast resources which Nihon so desperately needed. Following standard doctrine, the Nihon 'Peacekeepers' used captured Combine hardware to supplement their forces. After the death of the Emperor, proper replacements stopped and Combine equipment became the norm in the Western Zone.

About This Sheet

The counters on this sheet represent Nihon forces using Combine equipment. While primarily intended to portray the invasion of North America, industrial theft was common and Nihon also had conflicts with Australia (who also used Combine equipment). Players can thus use this sheet for any Nihon campaign.

The counters are designed to form a highly mobile, mechanized force with a large number of GEVs and Marines, ideal for fast strike and amphibious operations. There is also a good defensive mix of Heavy Armor for when the North American city-states counter-attack.

About the Ogres

The Nihon Empire's first cybertank, the Steel Oni, was fielded in the Battle of Hong Kong in 2074. Though clearly based on stolen plans of the Combine Mk. III-B, it had numerous improvements. Their later Steel Samurai also had similarities to the Combine Mk. V.

The Ogres on this sheet use standard Combine names and artwork. Players can, however, choose to use them as Onis and Samurais using the stats fromGURPS Ogre(note that the Secondary Batteries have Range 3), as captured and reprogrammed Combine Ogres, or as rogues.

Ogre: Nightfall

Ogre Designer's Edition Sheets B5, K2 & L2
Sponsored by Fire Mountain Games


We made them. We used them to fight our wars. We sent them to destroy our enemies. Now they know their real enemy – us.They will not rest until all wars are ended. They will not rest until everywhere there is only peace. They will not rest until NIGHTFALL.

'Ogre: Nightfall' consists of two exclusive counter sheets compatible with Ogre Designer's Edition. Play a desperate humanity trying to stop the Ogre uprising or the cruel unstoppable rogue Ogres themselves.

This product includes an entirely new rogue Ogre faction including an exclusive black Mark III, Mark IV and Mark V Ogre available nowhere else. It also includes a black AI controlled train, black AI laser towers and turrets, black AI control center, exclusive civilian counters, blue armor reinforcements and more!

This product will be a limited edition and no more than several thousand will ever be made. Once they are gone, they are gone. So preorder today to ensure that your Ogre is the mightiest it can be.

Strategic and Tactical Objectives

Ogre Designer's Edition Sheet O1
Sponsored by Tiffin Games

This sheet includes an array of strategic and tactical objective buildings, including ports, a seabase, a missile silo, a satellite array, a military headquarters, dome facilities, a rail exchange, a castle, and more. The buildings have a 'damaged/destroyed' reverse side.

It also has six 'Archangel' class GEV-Mobile Command Posts, in Combine, Paneuro, Black Rose and Ogre: Nightfall rogue AI faction colors, together with biohazard/radioactive status counters, and more.

Uncommon Ogres

Ogre Designer's Edition Sheets E5 & E6
Sponsored by Walt Freitag

Sheet E5 has a Mark III, Mark V, Admin Building, Laser Tower, and Turret in arctic dazzle colors. It also has a damaged Combine Mark III and a 'marauder' faction Mark III.

Sheet E6 has a 'Sons of Old Nassau' Mark III, as well as a Vatican Mark III, Mark V, Admin Building, Laser Turret and Tower (all compatible with the Barbarians at the Gate sponsored sheets). It also has a Nihon Mark III (compatible with the Nihon Empire sponsored sheet).

ACD Distribution Sponsored Sheet

Ogre Designer's Edition Sheet R1
Sponsored by ACD Distribution

Ogre kickstarter edition games

This sheet includes Paneuropean units themed from the classic G.E.V. game. It includes 7 bonus 3-D counters (including Fencer and Fencer-B cybertanks), a 3-D Reactor Building (unit not included in the base box), and more!

This was originally available as a promotional item for ACD's retailers. They occasionally distribute this sheet at conventions, but they do not sell it at retail.

BGG 3-D Units

Ogre Designer's Edition Sheet N1
Sponsored by Boardgamegeek.com

This Ogre unit promo pack is a result of the Ogre Kickstarter project, where BoardGameGeek pledged $9,000 for the creation and distribution of two sets of promos, one of which is this unit promo (the other promo set is a terrain pack, BGG Exclusive Overlays, below). Many ideas came from BoardGameGeek users, many others were devised by Steve Jackson, and all were finalized by Steve.

Here are the unit descriptions straight from Steve Jackson himself!

Looking at the front, left to right, top to bottom:

  • FNRD the Ogre Ninja – This is the ONLY Ogre Ninja model that will be available in the first wave of Ogre units.
  • ERNIE the Mark VI – One of only three Mark VI models in the first wave; the others are both red, but ERNIE is in BGG colors, dark blue with orange.
  • Comm Tower – This was created especially for the BGG sheet, and is completely unique in this wave. It's intended as an objective – something really big to blow up.
  • BGG Strongpoint – Blue and orange, dug into a hill.
  • BGG-ZILLA – Drawn by Alex Fernandez. Suitable for all your giant monster needs!
  • BGG Command Post – Defend it with your life.
  • BGG Missile Crawler – Paneuro design, with a Paneuro insignia on it, but BGG colors. Created because BGG readers wanted a unit for 'stop the runaway missile crawler!' scenarios.

The world of Ogre is the story of the Last War . . . the world war between the Combine, Paneurope, China and Nihon . . . and the time after the death of the empires. The Ogres begin as mindless killing machines spawned in the labs of the Combine, and end as self-aware free agents and mercenaries, the metal warriors who keep the balance of power between the Factory States. In between lies a century of mayhem.

Ogre Kickstarter Edition Ps4

You can enter the world of the Ogres in several different ways:

  • Ogre Sixth Edition – Available Now – click here to order!
    • Extra Counter Sheets – Warehouse 23 Only! – click here to order!
  • Ogre Reinforcements – Available Now – click here to order!
  • Ogre: Objective 218 – Low Stock
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  • Sponsored Counter Sheets
  • Ogre Classic Counters – Low Stock
  • Classic Ogre Pocket Box Bundle – In Development

1/285 scale miniatures, with an award-winning rules set.

  • Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition – Available Now – click here to order!
  • Ogre Miniatures – Always available – click here to order!
    • This book won the Origins Award for Best Miniatures Rules of 1992.
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  • Ogre Miniatures Set 2 – In Development
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  • Ogre Miniatures Lite
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  • Ogrethulhu – On hold . . . but it cannot die!
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  • Ogre Scenario Book 1 – Always Available – click here to order!
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  • The Ogre Book – Always Available – click here to order!
  • Ogre Stream Overlays
  • Ogre War Room – Available for Free!
  • Ogre Suite Digital Album – Available at Bandcamp!
  • Classic Supplements
    • Shockwave – PDF Available – click here to order!
    • Ogre Reinforcement Pack – PDF Available – click here to order!
    • Ogre Battlefields – PDF Available – click here to order!

Available for both PC and Mac.

  • Ogre Video Game – Available on Steam!

Play a GEV pilot, a militiaman, a survivor . . . or an Ogre!

  • GURPS Ogre – Available Now – click here to order!

Posters and, well, other stuff for the Ogre fan.

  • Ogre Journals and Pocket Folders – In Development
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    • Red/Blue – click here to order!
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