Oi Polloi Discography

Oi Polloi -1984- Last of the Mohicans DEMO TAPE
Oi Polloi -1985- Destroi the System DEMO TAPE
Oi Polloi -1986- Resist the Atomic Menace EP
Oi Polloi -1986- 'Skins 'N' Punks' Volume Two SPLIT w Betrayed LP (sin el lado de Betrayed)
Oi Polloi -1987- & Toxic Ephex SPLIT 'Mad as...' LP
Oi Polloi -1987- Unite & Win LP
Oi Polloi -1988- Outrage EP
Oi Polloi -1989- Omnicide EP
Oi Polloi -1990- In Defense of our Earth LP
Oi Polloi -1993- Guilty EP
Oi Polloi -1994- & Blownapart Bastards - Split EP
Oi Polloi -1996- Total Anarchoi LP
Oi Polloi -1998- THC EP
Oi Polloi -1999- Fuaim Catha! LP
Oi Polloi -1999- Let the Boots Do the Talking EP
Oi Polloi -2003- Carson? EP
Oi Polloi -2006- & Nikmat Olalim SPLIT 'Heavenly peace' LP
Oi Polloi -2006- Ar Cànan, Ar Ceòl, Ar-a-mach' LP

  • Oi Polloi -1984- Last of the Mohicans DEMO TAPE Oi Polloi -1985- Destroi the System DEMO TAPE Oi Polloi -1986- Resist the Atomic Menace EP Oi Polloi -1986- 'Skins 'N' Punks' Volume Two SPLIT w Betrayed LP (sin el lado de Betrayed).
  • OI POLLOI - Fuaim Catha CD (Digipack): CD Version in a nifty digipack! Over two years in the works and well worth the wait! Scotland's prodigal sons and daughters of anarcho-punk have pulled through with their first new LP in a decade and definitely one of the finest releases of this year!

Find Oi Polloi discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. This Scottish punk band were formed in Edinburgh in the early 80s, immediately gaining a reputation within both the anarchist and skinhead movements (their name, more than their actual music or attitudes.


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Scotlands anarcho-punk legends are back with a brand new 10in album. Seven new 'street crust' anthems against the fucking system! Gatefold sleeve with lyrics etc., pressed on limited (150 copies worldwide) bone splatter vinyl (now sold out!) orange crush vinyl (350 worldwide) or classic black wax (500).
A1 . Down The Pub
A2 . On The Streets
A3 . Our Vegan Boots
B1 . Smash Antisemitism
B2 . Blame It On The System
B3 . Crust Party In Findhorn Place
B4 . Gimme The Cash

Cat No.: UVLPEE65

Label: → Urinal Vinyl

12,00 €

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Oi Polloi Discography


Open Wounds' “Invaders” brings you that classic no-nonsense early 80’s North American hardcore punk sound. 14 catchy songs filled with energy, anger and a good dose of melody. Packed in beautiful surreal SciFi artwork created by the great artist Bill Hauser. This record will make you sing-a-long, stage dive from your couch and circle pit around your kitchen chairs. If you dig classic bands like Minor Threat, Jerry’s Kids, Government Issue, Offenders, Urban Waste, Circle Jerks, CIA, The Abused, Negative Approach, YOT, Gorilla Biscuits but also modern classics such as Career Suicide, Government Warning and Direct Control then this is definitely your cup of tea!

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Oi Polloi Band


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