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That has been much red dela cruz nude pictures lately about child pornography — and the firestorm against this abominable practice is well deserved.

There is very little that can offend the minds of most people as quickly and thoroughly as the prospect of children being sexually exploited by adults.

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Our instinct to protect our children, our nieces and nephews, or grandchildren, our cousins, often come pouring out with righteous purpose when we hear of yet another pervert who has been arrested for possessing child pornography.

I have written about the sad prevalence of children being sexually exploited on more than one occasion myself, because the topic is quite worthy of outrage.

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But consider the case of Billy Miller, an Illinois National Guard soldier stationed in Afghanistan who has been charged with possessing child pornography and faces court martial because of photos discovered on his computer. The photos are of a little girl in a swimsuit, in some pictures playing in a wading pool, in others in the back of a truck.

These pictures were sent to Billy Miller by his mother Terri Miller.

When Does a Picture Become Child Pornography?

They are family pictures of a younger relative of his, who he took an interest in when she was diagnosed with cancer while her own father was in boot camp.

Terri Miller says that when she sent the pictures, she considered them perfectly innocent.

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In light of the charges her son now faces for possessing she is overcome with grief. In other cases, parents are charged with producing or distributing child pornography when they develop or share pictures of their children in the bath or shirtless. These pictures, when they are reviewed, can be very troubling from a legal stand point.