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  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: Racing
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1991)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Download Road Rash pc game free full version with mediafire link. Road Rash is a very nice old Racing Game developed by Electronic Arts in 1996. Road Rash PC 1996 Full working version with video and music! Torrent download, free download via HTTP available as well. Road Rash (aka ロードラッシュ) is a video game published in 1996 on Windows by Electronic Arts, Inc. It's an action and racing / driving game, set in a motorcycle, street racing and combat vehicules themes, and was also released on 3DO.

It is pretty crazy to think that the original Road Rash is the better part of 30 years old! This was and is a real landmark title for their Sega Genesis and one of the big hits for EA (before they sold their souls) and it was a huge exclusive for the Sega Genesis which would see two sequels released before the series went multiplatform.

Online Road Rash Game

Hotel California

This first Road Rash game is set in California. You have five different races that you need to compete in, each one based on a different part of California. You need to finish from 1st to 3rd place in order to advance to the next race. While at first glance, Road Rash may seem like it is just another motorcycle racing game. It is actually, far, far more than that.

Cruising For A Bruising

Play Road Rash 1996 online, free

While racing is, of course, the main aspect of Road Rash. This is illegal motorcycle street racing we are talking about! As a result, there are no rules and you are greatly encouraged to fight the other racers. You can punch and kick them when you are close enough and you can even take weapons from them such as clubs and chains and use them.

Be careful as they can hit you too! You do have a stamina meter which you have to keep an eye on. Also, you can crash and come flying off your bike, causing you to have to run back to it. You can even get hit by cars that are on the road. Road Rash is a rather challenging game as you have to really pay attention to what you are doing, but this is a really fun experience and one that is super addictive.

Bike RPG?

Ok so calling the original Road Rash an RPG is a bit of a stretch, but I do feel that it has somewhat could be described as RPG elements. You see, money plays a bit part in the game. You start off with just a grand in your pocket, but the better you do the more money you make and you will need more money!

You can purchase new and better bikes, but you also need money to pay for repairs and even fines if you get busted by the cops. If you run out of money and cannot pay for a repair after your bike is wrecked or if you cannot pay the cops, it is game over.


I love the original Road Rash and feel that it still holds up very well to this day. While I will always have a soft spot for the original Sega Genesis version of the game, it was ported to other consoles eventually such as the 3DO and the original PlayStation with better graphics, presentation, and sound so they are also worth checking out.



  • The racing is a lot of fun
  • The tracks are super long and intense
  • Fighting other bikers is really cool
  • It is kind of funny when you fly off your bike
  • The way the game deals with money is kind of like an RPG


  • The frame rate is a little erratic at times
  • I do feel that the sequel is just a tad better

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Processor: PC compatible, P-200

Play Road Rash online, free

OS: Windows 9x, Windows 2000 Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Single game mode

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box cover
Game title:Road Rash
Console: Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive
Author (released):Electronic Arts (1991)
Music:Rob Hubbard, Michael Bartlow
Game manual:manual.pdf

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Recommended emulator:KEGA Fusion
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Road Rash is the name of a motorcycle-racing video game series by Electronic Arts in which the player participates in violent, illegal street races. The series started on the Mega Drive and made its way to various other systems over the years. The game's title is based on the slang term for the severe friction burns that can occur in a motorcycle fall where skin comes into contact with the ground at high speed. Six different games were released from 1991 to 1999, and an alternate version of one game was developed for the Game Boy Advance. The Mega Drive trilogy wound up in EA Replay.
Basic gameplay is similar to Sega's Hang-On. The player competes in illegal road races and must finish in either 3rd or 4th place (game specific) and up in every race of a 'level' in order to proceed to the next. As these levels progress, the opponents ride faster and fight harder, and the tracks are longer and more dangerous. Placing in each race gives a certain amount of money, with higher-level races offering higher payouts. This money allows the player to buy faster bikes and parts, which are needed to stay competitive, pay for repairs if the motorcycle is wrecked, or pay for fines if one is arrested by the police. The game is truly over if the player is unable to pay for these repairs or fines.
In an attempt to improve on the basic Hang-On concept, where the player's vehicle remains on the same horizontal plane and turns are essentially a matter of moving left or right, Road Rash requires that players contend with various grade changes. The physics reflect the act of going up or down a hill, as well as turning while climbing; this results in the ability to launch one's motorcycle great distances, resulting in crashes (and their animations). Aside from this, Road Rash has a standard system of obstacles including street signs, trees, poles, and livestock; and taking from OutRun, active traffic while racing against other bikers.
What Road Rash really brings to the table is 'brawling'; the player can fight other bikers with a variety of hand weapons or simple punches and kicks. The player initially starts off with just those basics, but can grab a weapon from another rider by timing a punch correctly. The list of weapons has grown with the games, starting from the clubs in the first Road Rash, and eventually including things like crowbars, nunchaku, and cattle prods. Whatever the weapon, successful attacks damage an opponent's stamina, and depleting this stamina will cause a biker to wipeout which can also damage the bike; this functions much like hitting a car or other major obstacle, and it all applies to you as much as to other racers (though in most of the games, you have more stamina than opponents).
As mentioned before, the last and most major obstacle are cops. The motorcycle police officers fight the player as another opponent and serve as gameplay enforcers by culling players who fall too far behind or choose to explore the world rather than race in it. Losing a fight with an officer or being caught by one while off one's motorcycle causes the player to be Busted, ending the race.
The first Road Rash debuted on the Mega Drive in 1991. The game takes place in California, on progressively longer two-lane roads. While the game has a two-player mode, it is a take-turns system that only allows one person to play at a time. There are 14 other opponents in a race. A port of the game wound up on the Commodore Amiga, and various scaled-down versions were made for the Game Gear and Master System plus the Game Boy (Cannot be played on the Game Boy Color).
The tracks depict California State Routes on highway shields as the player travels through the level. The levels are, from start and pressing right on the selection screen:

  • Sierra Nevada (CA 89)
  • Pacific Coast (CA 1)
  • Redwood Forest (no highway shields)
  • Palm Desert (CA 74)
  • Grass Valley (CA 49)
This initial game has only eight bikes to acquire, and only the club as an alternate weapon. Progress requires 4th or better.

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This ver­sion of Road Rash was de­sig­ned for Se­ga Ge­ne­sis (known as Se­ga Me­ga Dri­ve in Eu­ro­pe), which was the first ever 16-bit vi­deo ga­me con­so­le ma­nu­fac­tu­red by Se­ga in the years 1988 - 1997. It was a di­rect com­pe­ti­tor to the SNES con­so­le and the suc­ces­sor of the well known 8-bit con­so­le Se­ga Mas­ter Sys­tem. The unit pri­ce of Ge­ne­sis was ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly $ 190 and world­wi­de about 40 mil­li­on units of this con­so­le we­re sold. Mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on about Se­ga Genesis can be found here.

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