QuickBooks Registration: Read This BEFORE You Make the Call!

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March 15, 2010

Before you pick up the phone to get your QuickBooks validation code, you MUST know what you are about to encounter..

Otherwise, you may feel just like the chap in
the picture off the to right.

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MUST READ INSIGHT: See what others who have called before you have endured during this process!

Unless you are an accountant, you currently have no other option but to call Intuit and get a validation code in order to register your QuickBooks software.

You will discover this when you get to the final screen of the registration process on your computer. And what a miserable discovery that ends up being.

BTW - don't think you can skip the call altogether. If you don't call within 30 days of when you install your QuickBooks, it will simply stop working.

So, here is what you need to know about your call:

Quickbooks Validation Code Location Free

  1. It is VERYlikely you will encounter an overseas call center where language barriers may be a problem
  2. It is VERY likely you will be asked many of the same questions you just answered on the screens as you typed in responses to the registration screens. Why? Only Intuit can answer that one.
  3. Once you have coughed up the details about your business, you will DEFINITELY hear the phrase 'please wait while I generate your validation code' - and then the cross-sell/up-sell/sales pitch will begin. I encourage you to fasten your seat belt at that time.

Quickbooks Validation Code 2011

At this stage of your call, it is very likely you will be asked about how your business handles its' payroll, its' credit cards, and other questions that have nothing to do with your need to obtain the validation code and finish the registration process (with the exception of the number of computers where you will be installing QuickBooks).

I have even heard of some cases where the caller was told they must purchase a QuickBooks software support plan in order for them to receive their validation code. That is completely untrue - you do not have to purchase ANY other QuickBooks products or services in order to get this validation code.

My Strategy to Deal With This Registration Hassle


As a QuickBooks consultant, I have called in to register hundreds of copies of QuickBooks over the years for my clients. I simply tell the call center agent whom I am speaking with that they don't need to know the answer to the question they are asking in order to provide the validation code (again, with the exception of how many computers where QuickBooks will be installed). They keep asking, and I keep telling them the same answer - 'you don't need to know that'. Repeat again.

I have found that my strategy has shaved a good 10-15 minutes off the registration call. Now the call is about 5-7 minutes instead of 20+ minutes. What they usually end up doing is simply putting me on hold for 2-4 minutes 'while they generate the validation code'.

I don't really care if the call center agent doesn't like my approach and willingness to push back. I care even less that they may not make their quota for up-selling and cross-selling other Intuit products during my conversation with them. This call is completely unnecessary in the first place.


There is no way to avoid having to make the call, so I wish you luck. And wish you a very, very short phone conversation!



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Quickbooks Validation Code Location Free

Call Intuit.

It's not massively painful, but you will have to wait on hold with poor quality music then speak to someone who HAS to read the script word for word.

Find Quickbooks Validation Code

During a particularly bleak part of my life, where I seemed to come across QuickBooks reinstalls a few times a week, I started answering all their questions up front at the start of the call in an attempt to speed things up. Didn't work.

Quickbooks Validation Code Crack

This is the same team who insist that part of the fix for the PDF converter breaking is to STOP the print spooler, START then print spooler, then RESTART the print spooler. It's in the script, so Must Be Done.