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Antivirus companies require a lot of manpower, time and resources for their software to keep up with the latest malware created by the bad guys who are always trying to be a step ahead. This is why a large proportion of antivirus software packages are subscription based that require an annual renewal payment in order to continue downloading the latest definition and engine updates. Fortunately there are quite a number of reputable and popular antivirus companies such as AVG, Avast, Avira, Ad-Aware, ZoneAlarm etc, that offers a freeware version of their antivirus software for computer users to install and protect their computer from malware.

  • Shadow Defender is the best easy-to-use PC/laptop security and privacy protection tool for Windows operating systems. It provides an excellent way to prevent unwanted or malicious changes from.
  • Although I applaud Microsoft for offering some type of alternative, I suggest you consider the following option. Returnil System Safe 2011. Returnil System Safe 2011 is new type of system protection and security tool with three primary capabilities. The first is anti-virus and malware scanner; the second is System Restore, similar to the.
  • RETURNIL - FREE alternative to DeepFreeze A screencap of RETURNIL's setting dialog box (click to see a bigger version) We are all familiar with DeepFreeze. It's the software we use when we want to ensure that.absolutely.nothing. can happen to our painstakingly installed and customized Windows.

Although the free antivirus products are absolutely free to use, most of the time there is a catch where you will most likely find some features that provide additional protection being disabled. Other than that, the word “free” does not necessarily mean without limitations or restrictions. If you read the long and boring End User License Agreement (EULA) that is displayed during installation which most of us ignore and blindly click on the Agree button to continue the installation, it contains very important information to where you can install and use their free antivirus software. Most of the time a free antivirus is intended only for non-commercial, personal home use while academic institutions, business, commercial, corporate or government use is prohibited. You or your company can be heavily fined if it’s discovered you’re breaking the license agreement.

Safe alternatives free download - Digital Alternatives, Birthing Alternatives, HCI Alternatives, and many more programs. Returnil System Safe Free 2011. The best alternative to SteadyState that I'm aware of is Drive Vaccine.

For your convenience, we’ve reviewed all of the free antivirus license agreements and compiled a list of those that can be used without restrictions. The URL to the official agreement and screenshot is also included as a proof to this research.

List of Free Antivirus Allowed for Commercial Use

1. Comodo Antivirus / Internet Security

Both Comodo Antivirus and Internet Security can be used for commercial and personal use. This license agreement is stated very clearly in their EULA document that can be downloaded from Comodo’s official website. Visit the link below, click on Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. tab and finally click on Comodo Internet Security or Comodo Antivirus EULA PDF document. Refer to point number 2.1 in the second page of the PDF file. Take note that they have specific license agreement for every version number. So make sure you check that the terms of use remains the same when you’ve upgraded to a newer version.

View Comodo EULA | Download Comodo Antivirus

2. Immunet

The free version of Immunet antivirus doesn’t have any restriction in usage at all. You can use it for both personal and commercial purposes at any place including office, servers, education facilities and etc. You can find this statement on ClamAV’s FAQ webpage question number 4. Both ClamAV and Immunet have been acquired by SourceFire which is why you’re seeing Immunet’s FAQ posted on ClamAV’s website.

View Immunet FAQ | Download Immunet

3. NANO Antivirus

NANO Antivirus can be used without any restrictions and this information is posted at their website in License Agreement page.

View NANO Antivirus License Agreement | Download NANO Antivirus

4. Microsoft Security Essentials (Partial)

Many people would have thought that Microsoft Security Essentials is free to use without any limitations as long as the Windows operating system is genuinely licensed but unfortunately their licensing terms say differently. According to the first point in the Microsoft Security Essentials license terms page that is posted on their website, you are only allowed to use the software on up to 10 computers if you operate a small business. MSE usage in Government or academic institutions is restricted.

View MSE License Terms | Download MSE

5. UnThreat Antivirus

UnThreat Antivirus EULA didn’t contain very clear terms of usage stating that their free antivirus can be used on commercial. We’ve contacted them using their official contact form asking them if their free antivirus can be used used for corporate, commercial or educational facilities. 5 days later we received a reply from them confirming that the “free version of UnThreat, may be used without any licensing fees”. Please see screenshot below for proof.

View UnThreat EULA | Download UnThreat Free Antivirus

List of Free Antivirus Allowed for Non-Profit Organizations

1. Avast!

Avast! free antivirus is strictly prohibited for commercial use but it is allowed for certain non-profit educational institution or non-commercial public library in the U.S.A. Check their EULA PDF file point number 2.

View Avast! EULA | Download Avast! Free

2. Panda Cloud Antivirus

The legal notice page only said that the free version cannot be used for commercial purposes or in corporate environments. However, if you go to the “For Business” page, you can see clearly that the Panda Cloud antivirus free edition is only free for home users and “non-profit organizations”.

Visit Panda Cloud Website | Download Panda Cloud

3. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

Any free version of ZoneAlarm products can be used for a not-for-profit charitable entity excluding government and educational institutions. You can find this information on their official end user license agreement page point number 2.1.

View ZoneAlarm EULA | Download ZoneAlarm Free AV

Unknown usage restrictions

  • 1. FortiClient Lite – View EULA
  • 2. Rising Antivirus 2011 – View EULA
  • 3. ZenOK
  • 4. Roboscan – View EULA

We’ve also checked the end user license agreement for the free antivirus of Ad-Aware, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Clearsight, Digital Defender, Kingsoft, Outpost Security Suite, PC Tools, Preventon, Returnil System Safe, UtilTool, Zillya! and they are all strictly for personal non-commercial home use only.

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Denil1 year ago

COMODO from Setptember 2019 is not free for all situations (for commercial use, not commercial use) all is under payment $4 /month. BAD BAD


I’ve just checked what is shown in user license in installation process of Commodo Antivirus.

2.1. Comodo Security Software. Comodo Internet Security (CIS) may be used royalty-free for both commercial and personal use. CIS includes the Comodo Firewall and Antivirus products. During installation, you can select to install both or either of the two products. No technical or customer support is provided for CIS separate from the Products described in section 2.5. Installation of CIS may include installation of additional Products. Use of these Products may be disabled until you pay for the Products.

It looks like it is still free.

Ray1 year ago


Immunet mentioned Immunet no more free use in commercial environment.
Will you consider updating this topic, please.


A must have favorite link!

About Comodo Cloud Antivirus license appears to be limited to users with admin rights.

You forget to add the solution ClamWin (the antivirus) + ClamSentinel (a realtime protection that uses ClamWin).

Golu3 years ago

What about Sophos Home and now it’s Premium beta for free?


Immunet does not allow for commercial use:

Juhis4 years ago

Nano is not free in commmercial use anymore.


Thanks for sharing lost of free antivirus such as Avast antivirus, thanks for sharing.

Maksym Kozub5 years ago

Free FortiClient can be used in companies, based on what they say at


Clearsight has also released a free antivirus for business customers. It provides its user with essential protection against viruses and spyware, daily updates, removable device infection detection in one easy-to-use and lightweight client.

You may check for more information. :)

Kind regards,
Clearsight Team

Mihai Oprean6 years ago

hello there, anyone know if agnitum outpost free can be used commercialy?

Returnil Alternatives


Thank you!

Luke Walling6 years ago


Avast has quietly released the first cloud managed multi-platform business security offering for free. It’s called Avast for Business.

Sign up and deploy your first device in less than 5 minutes let us know what you think

By the way.. no seat limits.. no time limits.. no limits. Free for business.


Your information about Comodo Anti-Virus seems to be out of date. Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that Comodo AntiVrus 2013 is free for home and home office use. This means that anymore than 5 workstations and you have to pay for it. There may be older versions that were free for commercial use, but they are not listed on their site. I hope I am wrong, so if you can supply a link that clearly states that this software is free for commercial use, I would love to see it.

Ralph7 years ago

Check their FAQ area for their Free products:

“Is it free for business users too?”
“Yes. However, enterprises looking to implement Internet Security on large networks of workstations would benefit from the centralized management capabilities of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM).”

They also offer 10 free licenses for their CESM product to get you started which you can use on servers as well as workstations.


Is forticlient also a free product ?

HAL9000 Admin7 years ago

FortiClient Lite is a free product, but we couldn’t determine at the time of writing whether it’s free for commercial or just personal use. The license agreement and manual seems very unclear about it, the same applies to the other products in the “Unknown” category.


Rising Antivirus – at least the version I used – is USELESS. I tried it because it was the very last antivirus that would run on Windows 98. It won’t even detect the EICAR antivirus test file!

Akbar Ali8 years ago

Very Informative.. Thanks for Sharing :)


thank you raymond for offline updates. i love you

owolabi,babatunde oluwaseyyi8 years ago



Excellent article and perfectly timed! I needed to find some antivirus solutions that our IT group could recommend to other businesses in situations where they weren’t willing to pay for antivirus and this article was what I needed. Thank you!

So I also wonder if you could post an article about free anti-malware software that can be used commercially?

Hilder8 years ago

thank you !!! . good information. Very useful & informative post…


thank you for the useful info !

rvdmast8 years ago

About MSE, it says small bussines can use it on up to 10 devices, and educational institutions are not allowed to use it. Now, in Widows 8, MSE is installed by default. As a school about to rool out Windows 8 to 300+ computers this year, where does that leave us? Do we really have to explicitly remove MSE from our base installation image?
Also, as it is installed by default, neither the administrator or the end users are presented with a separate EULA for mse…


There’s a reason why it is called Windows Defender in Windows 8 although it is claimed to be the same as MSE.

Man EnVy8 years ago

I like Avast! and Panda Cloud only, and i’m using Avast! with Vietnamese interface


Hi Ray…

FANTASTIC article… it’s hard to get this kind of information compiled!! :)
Great stuff.

Just a question for you:
Do you know how are Microsoft Security Essentials restrictions with non-profit organizations? Or in another way, do you know if the 10 devices limit still apply or is it unrestricted on this condition?

Thanks for your help and congratulations on your GREAT WORK again! :)

Raymond Author8 years ago

Hi Fernando,

That’s a good question because it seems a bit grey as non-profit organization is not specifically mentioned in their EULA. I am not a lawyer so I can’t answer for that but I found a thread where a Microsoft Community Moderator (Kosh Vorlon) said that “Non-profit organizations (wherever located) just like any other business would be under the Small Business rules (#2) and subject to the restrictions in (#3).”


Thanks for the quick answer… I didn’t pay attention, but we also have this restriction:
“The software may not be used on devices owned by government or academic institutions.”

Here in Portugal, Non-Profit organizations are somehow related to the government… seems like I’ll stick to Comodo AV! :)

Many thanks!! :)

Sunil Sherekar8 years ago

Thanks for this useful & informative post… God bless..


I am very glad (and the rest of your fan base) to see that you are posting again.
Hope you and the family are doing well.

Indeed, come Monday I am going to send this link to the IT boss of my not-for-profit group.
I am sure that he will be more than delighted to receive the listing you have produced.

On behalf of my IT boss and my not-for-profit . . . I would like to give, you, Raymond – – A BIG Thank You from New York!

Dr, Hubert Hechabarria8 years ago

All software should be downloaded to “save”, and scanned with their anit virus software & malware software, before you even thing of installing the software. Then before you agree to the “EULA”, every one should have the free EULAyzer software that is free to download. Acts like your own personal lawyer and breaks down the “EULA”, in the software in simple terms, plus even shows you listed dangers that are embedded in the software like toolbars, third party usage, and adware. My advise is do not try and be your own lawyer, or just ignore the “EULA” agreement. I have noticed ever since the world wide economy turned down that respected software companies are installing all types of adware and toolbars that you may not want, or will cause damge to your computer.


Im tempted to wonder why a corporate would use a freeware antivirus solution it sounds like scrimping on security locks and getting them from Walmart,

Raymond Author8 years ago

Not all corporate and non-profit organization can afford to pay for enterprise products that cost a lot of money.

Restoril Alternative Drugs


Thanks Raymond! Not only is this posting handy for businesses looking for a free antivirus but also for your everyday pc user. Your listing shows a/v’s that I wasn’t really aware of. So. I’ll be researching those mentioned and have a play with them on my test computer. Keep up the brilliant postings…

Fahad11 years ago

hi thanks for information.i m looking for this information because i want to run a internet club and need a free commercial antivirus.thanks


thanks, a good information. it helpfull

Meshal12 years ago

Thanx a lot Raymond

i know u heard this word over million times but My language doesn’t help me to thank u with other words..


Great post Ray. THANKS a lot

Dan12 years ago

Interesting article as always… I’ll take it into consideration when I help my friend setup his little office next week. Thanks!


good post

atterno12 years ago

Very well said Ray. I’ve been through the ordeal of suggesting Free antivirus solutions for corporate users and come to realize that there are no reliable free solutions that can be really suggested for enterprise usage.


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Virtualization has revolutionized the computing and the IT sector especially so with networking and systems administrators.

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Overall, virtualization has become a powerful tool in computing and IT, and in this article, we’ll feature the best 4 free virtual machine software.

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VirtualBox is an extremely feature-rich, high-performance virtual machine software not only for enterprise customers but it is also the only professional solution that is freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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VMLite Workstation is based on the popular open-source project, VirtualBox OSE, thanks to the VBox team for their great efforts.

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