Revenge of the sex demon king

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Kings, queens, and even divine beings have been affected by his touch! He is a monstrous creature with three heads: At the waist, his body undergoes another bizarre transformation, giving him the brightly-feathered legs of a rooster and the scaly tail of a serpent. They describe him as a young man with an attractive face.

Asmodeus (demonology)

He can be picked out of a crowd by his pronounced limp, and if you were to catch him without his clothes on—not hard to do, considering that lust is his specialty—you would find that he had one rooster leg. Asmodeus is a powerful demon. In some cases, he fans the flames of lust. For example, he plagued a beautiful virgin named Sarah, killing seven consecutive grooms who wanted to marry Sarah and enjoy her body.

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He is said to lord over numerous gambling houses. And he delights in revenge. He will never miss the opportunity to fuel a grudge or help concoct violent plans for vengeance.

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Later, Asmodeus was given a more light-hearted and playful personality. Most scholars agree that Asmodeus is derived from Aeshma-daeva, a wrathful demon who appeared in Persian Zoroastrianism around the 9th century BCE.

He hurled Solomon miles into the desert, then disguised himself as the king and took over his palace—as well as his wives. Eventually, Solomon returned and drove the demon out.