Rjd2 Magnificent City Instrumentals Rar

Originally from rjd2's 2006 album, 'Magnificent City Instrumentals,' and later popularized as the theme for AMC's hit television series, 'Mad Men,' in 2009. 'Magnificent City Instrumentals' - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/magnificent-city-instrumentals/id148031770 Single: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-beautiful-mine-theme-music/id328061894

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Magnificent City Instrumentals Tracklisting. All For U (Instrumental) RJD2: 3:28: Fire (Instrumental) RJD2: 4:10: Cornbread, Eddie & Me (Instrumental). Magnificent City Instrumentals. Play on TIDAL or open in our Desktop app Share.


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now we talking

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Sounds kinda cool!

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1:20 is best

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I really like this.

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woooooow !

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Excellente cette série !

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Love this theme

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Ha ha, poor Beck is kicking himself! 'Wish I'd said yes ONE of those times Matt Weiner pleaded with me to write a theme song!!'

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@ukasz-groch-lski-grabau: i thought i recognized it from somewhere before i watched mad men the first time

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love this piano riff

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Works for Me @DonDraperSCP on Twitter

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@farzeen-b-farooq: Time magazine?

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@hypogean: I see the reasoning now. After reading Time, it is just a shame to see them go!

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This is iconic. Perfect for the opening of this masterpiece.

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love the drumming!

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Rjd2 Magnificent City Instrumentals Rar

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@farzeen-b-farooq: Because the story has already been written. And *SPOILER*, I think he is gonna jump.

Rjd2 Magnificent City Instrumentals Rare

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Seriously, Mad Men is a hit!


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How come they won't just sign on for another 8th season?

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I love this intro!

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Lovely don draper

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Rjd2 Magnificent City Instrumentals

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Luvin the Percussion everything about this instrumental

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Drums and strings mate