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  • Problem with RNS510 Navigation System. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. Tlbeedy Registered. Joined Sep 14, 2008 7 Posts. Discussion Starter. #1. Oct 31, 2008. From day one I've had to have my GPS DVD in the drive of the unit in order to view Map & Navigate.
  • Page 2 RNS 510 Radio/Navigation System How the touch screen works The touch screen used on the RNS 510 radio Spacer dots Touch point navigation system works according to the resistive principle. This means that the touch recognition uses resistance-based technology. When you touch the touch screen, the outer glass layer is pressed against the glass base layer.
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The RNS-510 is one of the best car multimedia systems. It is manufactured by VDO Continental and used by Volkswagen. It can be connected with numerous different peripheral accesories in VW, Scoda and Seat cars. It has been replaced by Discover Media / Composition Media in 2014.

The latest version J has the following features:

RNS510 Navigation System Overview The RNS510 is the optional Hard Drive-based Navigation System available on Volkswagens from 2009-2015. This unit features a multitude of features, centered on its Hard-Drive Based System and 6.5″ LCD Touchscreen.

  • 6.5' inch, high quality resolution W-VGA(800x480 16:9) LED touch screen*.
  • 4 x 20 watt integrated audio amplifier capable of driving up to 8 speakers.
  • Radio supporting RDS και DAB.
  • CD, DVD playback (mp3 and wma) plus DVD-video.
  • GPS navigation system: split screen display with 2D and 3D map view with compass, GPS info, turn instructions and bird’s eye views.
  • European maps with over 10.000 searchable Points of Interest.
  • Integrated 40GB hard disk drive with 3 partitions (GPS maps data / Audio files / POIs).
  • SD(HC) card reader (up to 32GB).
  • Fast processor.

Moreover, RNS-510 has the following capabilities:

  • Connectable with an amplifier (Dyn-Audio).
  • Displays Navigation, Radio, Audio (iPod & mp3 tracks), Telephone information on the Driver Information Screen (DIS) if the car is fitted with a Highline computer.
  • Integration with Multi Function Steering Wheel
  • Integration with MDI interface (usb, iPod™) and aux.
  • Integrated TV with an analog - digital TV Tuner.
  • Controller for Bluetooth™ mobile telephone interface.
  • Display for optical parking sensors (OPS) or/and rear vehicle camera (RVC).
  • Supports voice commands if the appropriate microphone is installed.
  • Display for Climatic Control settings

Drawbacks (Nothing is perfect)

  1. Greek menu and greek voice guidance is absent.
  1. Unreasonable highly priced item (nevertheless, you can purchase it in a fair price at ebay
  1. It doesn't support avi, mkv, divx video files playback.

*Old hardware implements a TFT-LCD screen instead of LED.

Radio with RDS and station list of 24 memory slots

MP3 music playback

MultiMedia Device Interface (MDI) allowing full control of Apple™ iPods, iPhones displaying track names and allowing search, Albums, Playlist, Songs, Artist view functions. Also allows the connection of USB storage devices. Mp3s are supported through CD/ DVD / SD / SDHC and MDI (media-in).

DVDvideo playback

DVD playback is not allowed in motion due to safety reasons. However, you can plug in a special cable that enables video in motion or update the software of the RNS-510 using a special CD/DVD.

Displays Navigation, Radio, Audio (iPod & mp3 tracks) and Telephone information on the Driver Information Screen (DIS / FIS)

The screen located in front of the driver - DIS (driver information system) can display useful information such as Radio or Music Information or even GPS data.

Navigation using Global Positioning System (GPS)

Points of Interest - POI

You can import Points of Interest using an sd / sdhc card if you have one of the latest software installed. You can download the latest POIs from this website http://index.pois.gr.

Rns 510 Navigation System Problems

The program poinspect0r can be used to create the necessary file which can be detected by RNS.

Aux-IN και Media-IN (MDI): Special input used for connecting usb sticks, ipod and iphone devices

  • USB adapter
  • Ipod - Iphone adapter

MultiMedia Device Interface (MDI) allowing full control of Apple™ iPods, iPhones displaying track names and allowing search, Albums, Playlist, Songs, Artist view functions. Also allows the connection of USB storage devices.

The USB and aux- in interfaces are integrated in a separate compartment; this compartment also offers storage space for a smart phone. You can use the RNS-510 to select and play your songs. You can connect an iphone-ipod-ipad or an usb stick in MDI (no iPhone 5 support yet).

Display for Optical Parking Sensors (OPS)

Latest firmware

There are better graphics and visual representation of the obstacles, while there is a button to disable the sound warning.

Old firmware

Software - Firmware Update

Rns 510 Radio Navigation System

An updated firmware version adds new characteristics and feautures and also resolves some problems and bugs of previous versions.

Latest stable version for A/B/C devices: 2760.

Latest beta version for A/B/C devices: 4020.

Latest version for C+ devices C: 5218.

Features Releases

Η αναβάθμιση του firmware κυρίως επιλύει διάφορα μικροπροβλήματα στην λειτουργία του RNS και προσθέτει κάποιες παραπάνω λειτουργίες. Ωστόσο υπάρχουν διάφοροι κίνδυνοι και προβλήματα που μπορεί να παρουσιαστούν (δείτε πιο κάτω).

The website MY-GTI contains valuable instructions for firmware updates.

CAUTION: Please use the program Imgburn in order to burn the iso file at 4x speed DVD (+R).

New Firmware Feautures (version 4020 or newer)

• Voice commands (requires a microphone – please read the article: παρουσίαση του φωνητικού ελέγχου)

• Speed Limit Display

• Stability Improvements

• Faster startup and response

• New startup screen

• Enchanced destination input

• Video in Motion

• Larger RVC screen with transparent menus at the side

• Radio Text (4120 & newer)

• Display OPS and RVC at the same time

• SDHC 32 GB Support (HW04 and above)

• Display Off on extras tab

• Climatronic control if approriate climatronic fitted

• Clock display if RNS 510 swtiched off

• Excluded roads (under route options)

• GPS coordinates entry

• Additional adjustments for video

• Points of Interest - POI import through SD(HC) card.

Rns 510 Navigation Update

Maps updates

RNS-510 maps are divided into two versions for Europe: East and West. Greece is included at both versions.

Navteq offers an updated maps version once a year.

Latest maps version: v9 - 7918 using database 2012Q1.

Secret Menu

Valuable information are displayed through test/setup menu if you enable secret menu. This can be done using a Vag-com cable. To enter the test/setup mode when the RNS 510 is operating press and hold the setup button, keep holding it when the radio menu appears and shortly after the test menu appears. You need to reboot the unit after coding it.

Possible problems during / after updating

  • There is a remote chance of you ‘bricking’ the unit, this is a fraction of a percent but it could happen! The process takes around 60 minutes.’
  • There are a small number of users where the RNS 510 display has a dim backlight after upgrading.
  • Users with cars MY07 and earlier may experience power drain issues after the upgrade.
  • 7L6 Touareg RNS 510′s are no longer supported since version 3870 due to the Touareg being fitted with the RNS 850. Version 1200 was the last version factory loaded on the 7L6 units with a hardware revision B.
  • The maps and mp3s can be erased and you may have to re-install them.

CAUTION: Do not proceed through the firmware update if you are unsure or if you don't own a vag-com cable.


Rns 510 Navigation System Problems Transmission


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Rns 510 Map Update

Jun 22, 2009
2009 Jetta sportwagon TDI

Rns 510 Navigation System Problems 5th

I own a 2009 Jetta Sportwagon with a RNS 510 Navigation system /CD radio .
The problem I'm having Is that the navigation system isn't recognizing many addresses That The businesses have been established From 50 to 5 years .
So I spent $2000 on a navigation system that will not recognize address is that I input Into it which is a problem !! In particular The address last program in was Tony's on the Pier
210 Fisherman's wharf
Redondo beach
California 90277
My Garmin 660 Which is 8 years old, My wife's 2008 Honda civic,2010 Nissan ,2008 Lexis ,2009 Toyota Camry all of these vehicles With their own navigation systems and my portable Garmin which I keep in my Jetta now for backup all will pull up this address.
Than new Volkswagen Jetta 2010,2011,2012 with my same operating system will not pull Up this address but the 2012 with the new RNS315 Navigation system CD radio combo We'll There's also another Navigation System combo In A upscale Volkswagen with another Type of navigation system With a similar operating system as mine Which we'll pull it up also.
I've had this problem 15 to 20 times now since I've owned the this car And now pretty much fed up with it. Went to 2 different dealerships and they agreed it's a problem Called Volkswagen's customer care and they've been working on this problem for a week.Also gave me many excuses which I told them If you can't fix it refund me the money for my navigation system Or I will lemon law it .
Sorry for the long Story This is very upsetting specially when you spend $2000 for navigation system and you're running a portable navigation system on top your dash .
Anybody else with this problem if so do you still have the address that won't program into your navigation system?
Thanks for your help in advance