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I like Sakura, but as /u/Erratus said, I wouldn't necessarily call it realistic, because at its core it's still a synthesizer and not a sampler. It does have a unique interface and controls, and as a result, a unique sound in my opinion. It's a nice change of pace from the standard ADSR, LFO, wave shape, and filter properties of analog synth models. Get Sakura by Image-Line and learn how to use the plugin with Ableton Live, Logic, GarageBand, and FL Studio for free.

This guitar plugin comes with a library filled with 239 models, making it the most extensive selection that a single plugin offers. It comes loaded with 89 guitar amps, four bass guitar amplifiers, two bass guitar cabinets, 50 guitar cabinets, 77 pedals and effect rates, 18 microphones, and more than 1000 presets. Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle (Win) Goodhertz All Plugins 2020 Included: CanOpener Studio, Vulf Compressor, Tone Control, Trem Control, Lossy, Lohi, Faraday Limiter, Panpot, Good Dither, Tiltshift, Midside, Midsite Matrix, Wow Control, Megaverb Goodhertz 3.5.0 64-bit (VST2, VST3 and AAX) Windows 8 and 10 Instructions: Just run the installer.

Native Minecraft Version:
Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
Source Code:
Sakura is a tiny fun plugin that - well, adds cherry trees to Minecraft just as the name says. For the Japanese, the blossoms stand for departure, beauty and transiency since they bloom just for ten days. Good that Minecraft doesn't support seasons, yet!

The trees drop cherries if you cut the leaves and they consist of unique items.
Command: /sakura ([player]) [sapling|cherry|log|leaves|flower] ([amount])
Required permission node: 'sakura.cmd'
You can craft sakura blossoms out of the blossom block:

This plugin requires in order to work!
It is supposed not to bother you with any setup stuff, but if you want, you can add a config.yml file manually to translate the item names and to modify the drop rates (5% for a sapling is the usual drop rate for oak etc. and 0.5 is the drop rate of apples).
syntax: '[Sakura] Fehler: Nutze /sakura ([player]) [sapling|cherry]'
permission: '[Sakura] Fehler: Du hast nicht die nötige Berechtigung, um diesen Befehl zu benutzen.'
cherry: 'Kirsche'
leaves: 'Kirschblüten'
log: 'Kirschenholz'
sakura: 'Sakura'
sapling: 'Kirschensetzling'
dropChanceCherry: 0.5
dropChanceSapling: 5.0
If you want, you can add a custom cherry texture like these ones to your server resource pack.
CIT script (what is CIT?):

Sakura Plugin


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