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Admin tool로 들어가는 방법은 비슷했다. Ctrl+alt+f10 관리자암호 secos. Tools command prompt x 드라이브에서 찾아서 들어가면 된다. X:recoveryadmin usb 포맷 유틸리티 첨부되었다. Rufus 버전 2.8 (빌드 886) srs6과 srs7은 복구파티션 구조가 바뀌었다. Insert the Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool USB pendrive in laptop. Now Samsung Recovery Solution will start. Click on Execute on Step 1(Disk Partition) Samsung Recovery Solution Execute: 6. Click on Initialize The Hard Disk Drive. Free samsung recovery solution admin tool 5 download software at UpdateStar - A software tool that helps you backup and restore information on your Windows PC. You can backup and restore personal data files amd it is capable of performing a complete backup of the entire PC, including the operating.

Samsung Recovery Solution 7.1

Most Samsung laptops when purchased already come with a built-in Samsung recovery partition. However, it is often thought that if this partition is deleted, then there is no way to recover it. It just to be known that no accurate answer can be given, because if it cannot be recovered, then that is just a part of Samsung's security measure.

  • How to create Samsung Recovery Partition
  • How to access Samsung Recovery Partition
  • Samsung Recover Partition is Deleted
  • How to Delete the Hidden Recovery Partition on Samsung laptop
  • How to Clone and Restore the Samsung Recovery Partition
  • Recover Data from Samsung Corrupted Partition

Part 1 How to create Samsung Recovery Partition

For most people, the process of creating the Samsung Recovery Partition is unknown territory. By using a few simple steps, this can be accomplished. Here’s how:

-The USB-HDD needs to be made the first boot device.

-Now, the Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool USB pen drive must be inserted in the laptop (or desktop, as the need arises).

-Booting should be done from USB.

-The process of Samsung Recovery Solution starts thereafter.

-The process of Samsung Recovery Solution starts thereafter.

Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool

-Next comes the option of clicking on ‘Initialize the Hard Disk Drive’.

-Confirmation needs to be given. So, ‘Yes’ must be clicked.

-There is a need to define the ‘Size of Recovery Area’ as 20 GB. Once done, ‘Next’ must be clicked.

-After doing that, ‘OK’ should be chosen. The partitioning can continue as usual.

-The process takes some time, so better to wait for a few minutes

-After partitioning is complete, ‘Recovery Area Installation’ should be continued, followed by clicking on ‘OK’.

-A new window asks for ‘Continue Installation’. So choose ‘OK’.

-After waiting for a few minutes, the ‘Recovery Environment’ will be installed

-Now, it might be asked if the MBR is required to be fixed. So click ‘OK’.

-After the MBR fix is completed, ‘OK’ must be clicked.

-There can be a question if someone wants to add the initial status image to the recovery area from USB or DVD. It’s better to click ‘Cancel’. If backups are made, then click ‘OK’.

-Now, the Windows Installation Disc should be inserted and ‘OK’ clicked.

-Windows must be formatted and installed on the laptop.

-When the application runs, ‘Execute’ must be clicked on in Step 1 and Samsung Recovery Solution Application’ can be installed.

-The computer can be restarted and then system, backed up. Just by pressing F4, restoring is possible at the time of booting.

Part 2 How to access Samsung Recovery Partition

Accessing the Samsung Recovery partition is just another part of the process that was created initially. There is a need to restore the system to factory settings. Here’s how:

-Any data that needs to be stored well should have a backup before performing the factory restore, as it’s likely to delete all the major files, folders, and programs installed on the laptop.

-Now, it’s better to start-up or re-boot the laptop.

Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool 6

-At the time of the start-up process, it is important to click the appropriate F key or key combination. For Samsung, F4 is the one. In case the keys fail to work, then the message on the screen can be searched for, acting as an indicator to start the recovery process. There can be instances when the recovery partition is absent on the laptop, so better to get in touch with the manufacturer.

-Instructions as explained on the screen about proceeding should be followed. It will take some time but a message might appear saying the restore is finished.

Part 3'If the RECOVERY partition is deleted, Samsung Recovery Solution will no longer function. Once deleted, there is no way to recreate the RECOVERY partition.' Is that true?


Whether it is true or not or just a mere security measure or simply Samsung’s idea, is difficult to be said. But in a few cases, it has been seen that while restoring recovery partition on another PC at the time of disc upgrading, there was no positive result. There must be something like Samsung support that can perhaps, pull one of the ruts.

Part 4 How to Delete the Hidden Recovery Partition on Samsung laptop

In general, you can take to the following steps:

-Open the window of command prompt and type diskpart.

-Now enter the command ‘rescan’ and press the ‘enter’ key.

-Type in list disk and press enter.

-Now type ‘select disk 0’ and press enter.

Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool

-Type list partition and press enter key.

Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool

Select partition 3, delete the partition override and apply.

Part 5 How to clone and restore the Samsung Recovery Partition

Restoring the Samsung Recovery Partition can be quite a painstaking job. Cloning the partition is a good choice. There is an array of disk cloning software systems used by many like Clonezilla, Ghost, or Paragon, to name a few. After cloning, restoring, and having everything working in much the same way can be expected.

Often, a question remains if the recovery partition is needed if the clone of the main partition is present. But that is difficult to determine.

Part 6If Samsung recovery partition does not work, what can be done?

1. The Best Samsung Partition Recovery Software

Another problem that users face is that the Samsung Partition Recovery does not work. This is just like any other system which is a backup. If the system crashes, make sure you will have to reinstall the image from settings. Recoverit data recovery supports to recover data from lost/deleted partition with 'Lost Partition Recovery' mode in easily and safely.

Recoverit - The Best Samsung Partition Recovery Software

The partition recovery program can easily recover deleted or lost partition disk. Retrieve lost data from Samsung disk partition easily and effectively.

2. Recover Data from Samsung Partition

Free download and install Recoverit partition recovery software on your computer, launch it, and follow the next step by step to retrieve your data back.

Step 1. Launch Recoverit Data Recovery on your computer, then select the Samsung partition to get started.

Samsung Recovery Solution 5 Download

Step 2. The partition recovery software will start scanning the lost partition to search your files.

Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool Windows 7

Step 3. After the scanning, the software supported to preview some recovered files like photos, videos, music, and office Word document, Excel files, etc. Select your files and click 'Recover' button to get them back.

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