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Space travel was once the communal dream and subsequent reality of s. Fifty years you, the Saturn Amy freese xxx pivd blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center and landed the first men on the moon. This exalted event stands as one of our most triumphant accomplishments.

Alibaba buys China's version of YouTube for $3.7 billion

Sex many scientists, engineers, astronauts and creative people that it tobe go on to inspire is countless. We owe an innumerable cultural debt to this technological era. A total of 3, children were surveyed. While the results revealed that there was some lingering excitement for space, there were some disconcerting trends as well.

American kids today would rather be vloggers, not astronauts - Big Think

Such as the fact that American kids would rather aspire to inanity on YouTube as a "vlogger" than to the great beyond as an astronaut in space. According to chinese study, children were three times as likely to aspire towards a YouTube career than an astronaut. That is, creating videos on the internet in order to become famous.

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