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10 Hot-As-Hell Sex Positions For Short Women And Tall Men

If you're a short girl who seems to only be attracted to tall men, I feel you. And no shame! But if you're lucky enough to land yourself a dude with whom sex have a serious height differenceeverything's all rainbows and butterflies—up until, japanese schoolgirl up skirt is, you take your connection to the bedroom.

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Because sex positions? They ain't made for that ish. I mean, let's face it: There's nothing sexy about staring into his short hair in good ol' missionary.

5 easy and steamy sex positions for short girls |

Picture standingone-leg-up sex? Don't even try it.

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There are incredible sex positions for short girls and tall men—in fact, some are better for hight particular sitch. You just have to know girl ones: This one works because it puts you on the same level and allows for the face-to-face action you might otherwise be missing.

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Do It: Okay, so this one is just plain old spooning, but I threw the Little in there to be cute, shorty.