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Foundation and lipstick transfer onto your reusable face mask? Such a pain. Here are some easy tips on how to avoid that from Shu Uemura Singapore trainer Sophia Chia.

Just one of the problems we never knew we’d have till 2020 happened: Make-up on your mask. A frivolous issue in the scheme of things, but annoying nonetheless. Since putting make-up only on the upper half of your face isn’t feasible (what if you need to remove your mask to eat or drink?), got some make-up artist tips on how to avoid smudging foundation and lipstick all over your favourite reusable face mask.
#1: Use a primer.
“For face make-up to last, layering is important,” Shu Uemura Singapore trainer Sophia Chia tells us. “The first layer should be a primer. A primer helps the foundation to fit and adhere onto skin more easily, hence reducing the need to apply a thick layer of foundation to achieve more coverage. The thicker the layer of foundation applied, the more likely the foundation will smudge.”

#2: Choose a good foundation formula.

Of course, a good foundation with a long-wearing yet breathable formula is essential. Says Sophia, “A great foundation such as Shu Uemura’s Unlimited foundations will help you achieve a more transfer-proof effect. The ultra longwear formula with its superb breathable thin texture helps to achieve great coverage, without having to apply a thick layer on face, greatly reducing the likelihood of make-up transfer onto mask.”
#3: Layer with powder.
“In Singapore’s humid climate, it’s important to layer with powder, such as Shu Uemura’s Stage Performer Invisible Powder. Pick up the powder with the fluffy puff and press it directly onto skin surface, interlocking the foundation and powder snugly together. Pay special attention and press more on the side of nostrils and corner of inner eyes to ensure further transfer proof assurance.”

#4: Use a setting mist.

“A setting mist such as the Unlimited Lasting Makeup Fix Mist, which contains lighter-than-water micro powders, will further set the make-up. This citrus scent refreshes and can even be used on the lips!”
#5: To avoid lipstick transfer, first apply some foundation on the lips.
“Apply a thin layer of Unlimited semi-matte foundation on lips with a brush. Spread evenly and thinly over the lips to create a layer of base to ‘catch’ the pigment of the lipstick.'
#6: Choose a long-lasting matte lipstick.
Obviously, glosses aren’t a good option if you’re about to wear a mask. Go with a matte lippie. Sophia suggests Shu Uemura’s Rouge Unlimited Amplified Matte lipstick, “as this texture is extremely smudge proof.” Use a lip brush or a cotton bud to further spread the colour to ensure that it’s well blended onto lips. “This will, for sure, scatter the pigments more evenly on lips, hence allowing a longer wear of colour on lips under your mask as well,” advises Sophia. 'Use a thin tissue to further blot very lightly on lips before putting your mask on!” We'll definitely be using these tips the next time we wear make-up with a mask.


Here, some Shu Uemura products, such as the Stage Performer Block:Booster Protective Moisture Primer ($65, bottom right) and the new Petal 55 sponge ($45, top left) and Unlimited Glow Breathable Care-In-Foundation ($72). #2: Choose a good foundation formula. Of course, a good foundation with a long-wearing yet breathable formula is essential. Both Shu's Lighbulb Powder Foundation and Lightbulb Loose Powder are practically HG products for me, but this Lightbulb Foundation I absolutely do NOT like at all. I love the pump, I love that. About reviewer (282 reviews.

Shu Uemura Hair Products Reviews

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