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Ekahau Sidekick® is the most advanced, all-in-one Wi-Fi diagnostic and measurement device on the market, delivering pinpoint accuracy for professional results. Build the highest performing wireless networks and diagnose network issues faster, more accurately, and on the go with your Sidekick. Accuracy Is Critical for Wi-Fi Design.

Datalink Sidekick Scanner

Building Communities Since 1997
  • Resolved an issue with the scanner utility failing to point to the printer. Resolved an issue with profile information displaying without prompting. Release Notes – Sidekick – Version
  • Sidekick may have a small footprint, but it's always up for a challenge. Whether you need to scan business cards or letterhead, Sidekick's got you covered. The scanner can handle documents ranging from 2 inches x 2.8 inches to 8.5 inches x 14 inches (legal size).

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Bowe Bell + Howell Kodak SIDEKICK 1200 DUPLEX Scanner:

Bowe Bell-Howell [Kodak] SIDEKICK 1200 duplexcolor scanner. Tested and verified.


This DUPLEX scanner will save all your home orofficedocumentsas PDF files.
Duplex scanner means you can scan doublesided papers.

600 dpi x 600

Featuringcolor, grayscaleand bitonal scanning capabilities, superior speed andexcellent image quality, the Sidekick 1200 is an excellent choice for workgroupapplications.


The1200 model can scan at speeds up to 23 pages per minute


WINDOWS XP Pro (32bit only)

Driversavailable on Kodak website.


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Fast, Low-Cost Document Scanning with Verification


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You may have old Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Cards that have been stored offsite and are hard to access or retrieve important data. Many companies have thought that this was a safe way to archive documents, but times have changed. A document management solution lets you easily capture these documents along with providing the tools needed to retrieve and manage them.

Microfiche Conversion To Digital Services

SideKick will convert your Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Cards to digital images that can be stored safely and reliably. Documents will be cataloged, giving you fast access through a robust, browser-based search engine while keeping them completely secure. Manage the documents easier than on Film and eliminate having to view using old microfilm viewers and printers. Produce more and higher-quality results in less time and establish better access to documents. Do it all from the convenience of your web browser!


Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning Services Near Me

Our microfiche scanning and microfilm scanning services can provide digital conversion solutions to companies looking to benefit from a vastly superior form of data archiving.

Microfilm, Microfiche Types – Scanning and Indexing

16/35 mm roll:
Various lengths: 100′ and 215′ most common
Blipped or Un-Blipped film


Various types: 35mm,16mm, COM fiche, jacketed fiche, step-and-repeat fiche, and ultrafiche

Sidekick Scanning


Sidekick Scanner

Aperture Card:
Various types: Hollerith Code, Non-Hollerith Code

Microfilm | Microfiche Conversion Industries Served

  • Local and State Governments
  • Title Companies
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Commercial
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Federal Government
  • Hospitals / Healthcare facilities
  • Insurance

Microfilm, Microfiche Types – Scanning and Indexing

16/35 mm roll:
Various lengths: 100′ and 215′ most common
Blipped or Un-Blipped film

Sidekick Scanner

Various types: Microfiche, COM Microfiche, Jackets

Aperture Card:
Various types: Hollerith Code, Non-Hollerith Code

For all of your microfilm and microfiche scanning needs, contact SideKick. Give us a call on (952) 835-5425 or use the instant quote on the website today!