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March 5, 2013 - PRLog -- San Jose, Calif. — Monday, March 4th, 2013, Systat Software, Inc - a leading developer and supplier of award-winning scientific software and services, today announced SigmaPlot Version 12.5 a free downloadable update to the latest version of their most advanced scientific data analysis and graphing software package SigmaPlot version 12.3 and earlier. This update provides researchers with an optimized property interface with no tabs, with all properties displayed in one place and instant graph display upon property change.
The Graph Properties panel is smaller and has an optional transparency to show graph changes behind it. This update has also increased system stability, ease of use and added new features to quickly analyze data and create exact, publication-quality graphs that best present research results for presentation, publication or the web.
'More than 300,000 scientists and engineers have used SigmaPlot worldwide. It has long been the industry standard for graphing and analyzing data in the scientific and engineering communities because it plays a key role in enabling researchers to visually communicate important research results.' said Richard Mitchell, PhD, Senior Scientist at Systat Software, Inc.
The new SigmaPlot 12.5 adds the optimized user interface to the over 120 new features, bug fixes and enhanced stability in Version 12.3. “The programmers at Systat have been busy since the last upgrade almost six months ago and this update addresses the user interface and ease of use. We encourage every user of version 12.0, 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 to download and install this important update.” advised Dr. Mitchell.
“I have used SigmaPlot since Version 1 and it is invaluable for all of my research as it provides both analytic and visualization tools. Not only does it make beautiful graphs, including vector plots, but the embedded tools for curve fitting and multiple regression analyses are powerful and easy for students to learn. Moreover, there are sufficient export options that I have yet to find a journal that doesn’t take one or more of them.” - Dr. Alinda Friedman, Professor-Department of Psychology, University of Alberta.
New SigmaPlot 12.5 Features, Enhancements and Capabilities
The new Graph Properties dialog combines the best features of the Property Browser in Version 12 and the Graph Properties dialog in Version 11. This will give you the feature- expandability of the Property Browser and the ease of use of the Version 11 Graph Properties user interface.
The important features of the new Graph Properties dialog are:
* The combination of V11 and V12 gives you the intuitive properties panels of V11 and the immediate graph response of V12
Sigmaplot* The Graph/Plot/Axis tabs in V11 have been removed. All Graph Properties items are grouped into a fixed two-level tree. All items previously existing in those tabs can now be viewed at one time in this tree.

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Sigmaplot 12.5 Download

* Clicking a tree node on the left displays on the right all properties associated with that node in V11 format.
* Each graph on the page and the axes and plots for that graph may be selected in the Graph Properties Current group (upper right) without closing Graph Properties.
* Different items on the page may be selected without closing Graph Properties. For example, you may zoom in to a portion of the graph while Graph Properties is open. Or you can double click another graph on the page and Graph Properties changes to that graph.
* The Graph Properties panel becomes partially transparent when you move your cursor off the panel allowing you to see the change that just occurred.
* The Graph Properties panel is smaller than that in Version 11 thus requiring less window real estate.
SigmaplotOther new features in this version are:
* Help on Transforms and Nonlinear Regression.
* Vector PDF and improved EPS graph export.Sigmaplot 12.3 Download
* Expandable windows for regression equations.

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All users of the previous version 12.0, 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 can download the free update at Additionally, a free, fully functional demo version is also available for download from the SigmaPlot website at:
Users of SigmaPlot version 11 and below can upgrade to this latest version for a modest cost and for new users this version is available in single user, network and site license options for Corporations, Government agencies and academic R&D institutions. Upgrades, multi-user, government discounts and special bundle pricing are available by writing to [email protected] For online purchases, please also refer to our webstore at: for the prices.

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Sigmaplot 12.3 Free Download

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