Snap On 16.4 Software

Snap On 16.4 Software

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Snap On 16.4 SoftwareSnap on update software

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With the latest software upgrade 16.4, your diagnostic tool will have more knowledge and power so you can be more confident in making the right repair the fi. Though 15.2 was the last supported update for the original Solus and 16.2 is the last one for the original Modis. The owners of these tools no longer have option to get 15.2 put on an original Solus once 15.4 was released?, and Modis owners won't be able to have option to get final 16.2 once 16.4 comes out.

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I know this is a couple months old, but in case anyone was still wondering, 17.2 was the last update for the solus pro. I just bought a solus pro on Sat that has 14.4, called snap on today and they confirmed 17.2 was the last update for it and they just released 17.4 last month. Now im stuck on 14.4 😡😡😡. The night before i bought it i was reading somewhere online that there would be at least a couple years of updates for it, so i was happy i still had time to save up and get at least one update or the last update before they no longer updated this scanner. Figures, i find out after i buy it i just missed the last update.
I work for an hvac company as a fleet mechanic, hopefully i can convince my boss to only buy 2014s and older lol. Since i went on the dealer locator and put numerous addresses and they all said theres no dealers servicing that area, eventhough i see snap on trucks around here all the time, even put the address for the bmw dealership i used to work at and even that says no dealers in the area