Snap On Solus Pro Scanner Update

I wonder if snap on sells just updates for about $1100 for any scanners. Then why are already fully updated scanners(souls, pro, modis) selling for $800-$1500 on ebay?

Select the products you wish to register Enter the 12-digit serial number (s) of your Snap-on Diagnostic product (s) below. Your product serial number will be on the back of your Snap-on product body or Blue-Point MICROSCAN III product body, with the exception of the VERUS PRO. That serial number will be on the bottom of the display unit. You should never have to pay for a skipped update on a Snap-on Scanner. The only thing remotely close to that is with the original Solus. If you bought consecutive updates, there was a discount. If not, you bought the update at full price. The Solus-Pro wasn't like that as far as I've ever known. Updating from 10.4 or 11.4 would be the same price. SOLUS Ultra Activation and Software Upgrade Instructions 4. Once the USB cable is connected, select Continue on the SOLUS Ultra unit. A communication link is established between the scan tool and the computer, and the SOLUS Ultra screen updates to indicate the connection is active (Figure 4). Figure 4 Sample SOLUS Ultra active PC connection.

Snap On Solus Update

Why would I buy only 13.4 update for $1100 when I can buy the whole scanner already updated from some guy on ebay?
It looks like some of the snap on dealers found a way to update the used scanners without reporting it to snap on. This way the profit is 100% on update.
I asked one of the sellers, why are scanners so cheap, this is what he wrote me:
Someone selling it to me updated already and i can buy any scanner i want well if he has it on hand for example he just sold me 2 ethos for $1000 updated this modis you are looking at i just got this for $900 updated already he is telling me he can not sell in e-bay right now he was suspended so he just buys the scanner updates it and sell it to somebody like me the worst part is he is not just selling it to me he is selling it to everybody thats why the prices for this scanner is so low right now everybody is getting it for such a low price

Maybe the snap on corporation should look into this
Snap on solus scannerebay member names that sells snap on scanners for cheap, look up feedback and all you see are the newest updated scanners that are sold:
theliquidationplace, dominickr123

Got this Launch X431V+ package days ago and it is in a good condition, all OBD stuff and the device packed in a protective case. Device is made well and multi-function with a legible touch screen. Now, for my objective review of the Launch X431V+.

  1. For automotive shoppurpose:

I was in search for a OE level scan tool for my father who has an automotive shop is Mexico. I did several research and found many scan tools out there with OE level diagnostic capabilities but I needed something that not only would work with vehicles sold in the USA but also vehicles from Latin America since they do offer different models. I found that all scanners/computers had the capabilities of reading DTC, scan, graph but the Launch x431 pro 3 v 2.0 had a much broader coverage of not only the basic capability’s and over 100 vehicle makes and models but also has transmissions, ABS, SRS, Body control module, Suspension, infotainment, TPMS, key programming and much more all in one tool, plus it had capabilities of other languages and functionality in many other country’s which my concern was Mexico so this scanner covered all of our needs.

  1. Setup and registration of theX431 Pro3 tablet

However, the setup and registration of the tablet is the key to getting the most use out of the X431V+.

Actually, you don’t have to register the device in order to use it. However, the pre-installed car model data I found to be very limited, so I would suggest the first thing you do is get it registered so you can download all the latest data updates.

The process of registering is kind of “old school”, for lack of a better description. Reminds me of how you had to register your Autocad way back in the 90’s. How so? Well, I think I cover it will in the video, but basically need to use the serial number from the back of the device. Then you take that serial number and email it to the seller you bought it from on . After they activate your serial number, then you can connect it to your wifi and then download all the updates directly on the device. The interface is like your standard Android tablet and it updates just like you would update your laptop computer. When I contacted the seller, who was very helpful, he did mention that the update timeframe is one year. But he assured me that the product can be used for many years afterwards with no worries. So as long as you are not constantly working on the latest models or cars, this should not be an issue.

I checked a few user groups on facebook and this seems to be the general consensus, that the useful life of one of these expensive auto scanning diagnostic tools is about 5 years (assuming you haven’t beat it to death before then), and that Launch makes the best third party tool out there.

  1. X431 pro3 Test Report:

The end result was great, I’ve used this against a solus ultra. Pull and clear codes, Data stream and freeze frame, graphing, logging, but no oscilloscope or boro scope or Dmm capabilities (although it does read sensor voltage and such in data display, don’t confuse the two). That’s okay for me, as I have a Dmm, and a borescope for when I need to visually see something.


the scanner worked flawlessly in Mexico and was put up to the test with vehicles from Latin America and US, it connected with various makes and models, so far ever thing we throw at it, communicates with.

It has also communicated with the Nissans 4 cylinder diesel engines and many other small diesel engines sold in Latin America.

Snap On Solus Pro Scanner Update

I have yet to find a car this scan tool couldn’t do something on. The bidirectional control of the x431 is amazing for its price. Everything! I can even reset oil change lights,

For example: In a grand caravan you can command the door motors to open, and even sweep the dash gauges to test for faults in the dash.

It is slightly slow to do the full system scan, but it’s no slower than the snapon solus is, but on individual mode selection, itloads as fast as you can click. I’m sure I’m going to find a few areas where the solus outperforms the x431, but I have found any yet.. But for my garage this has quickly become a valuable tool.
The x431 let me reprogram ignition keys in a Honda element that the solus could not, so there will also be many more times when this outperforms the solus.

One more comment, and after all that, it’s still a tablet (seems to be a lenovo, which is of good build quality too) with the obligatory Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

the scanner has a 10 inch display and connects via Bluetooth which makes connectivity much more easier and clean, no more cables hanging or keys to insert, the battery life is great and you even get all the other amenities that android offers. it has a front and rear facing camera and the case is made up of a combination of plastic and rubber to protect it from drops. Inside the box comes all the connections and adapters needed for OBD2 and OBD1.

One more, this buy came with free one year updates which leaves us with a total of two year vehicle coverage.

I would definitely recommend this X431 pro3 scanner to all of you who want an OE level device and even for the professionals.

Snap On Solus Pro Scanner Update Software

  1. Outstanding when comparison with other similar workshop tool:
    I come from a family of mechanics I personally have had the experience to work with snap on scanners, OTC and even HD laptop software’s and they all work great but with the Launch X431 pro3 V2.0 you have it all in one package.X431 pro3 does the same thing all those overpriced $8,000 Snap On units do, for 1/6th of the price. Snap on can’t write the info reading software for the cars, they must rely on the manufacturer to tell them everything.

I was almost talked into buying the maxgo off the Matco truck. With any big purchase, I research things…and saw how good of a scan tool it was, and quickly found out the Matco maxgo is a re-branded launch. And there is NO major difference.

Oh wait there is.
The maxgo costs 1300 a year.. this is exactly that… and this has one years of updates for free. The maxgo charges per month. For what I spent I am very happy!

Solus Pro Scanner Snap On


To sum up:
Great buy and great seller. I will be updating as we continue to explore the capability of the X431 Pro3 v2.0.

Snap On Solus Pro Scanner Update Install

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