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Steal bl game english download

A BL dating sim with reversible roles. Explore town, enjoy stories with lots of CGs, pursues 5+ guys and build career as a voice actor.

The creators, meyaoigames got in touch with me and gave me a heads up on this ambitious BL game they are making! Do check them out, support their Kickstarter campaign and play their demo!

Title: Seiyuu Danshi: English BL / Yaoi Dating Sim / Visual Novel
Started by: meyaoigames (
Kickstarter page:
Deadline: 20 Mar 2016
Goal: US$5,000 (FUNDED! Now for the stretch goals)
Estimated release June 2017
Platforms: PC, Mac

Official description (info below edited from their kickstarter page/screen grabbed from their game demo):

What is Seiyuu Danshi?

Seiyuu Danshi is a Japanese-style Visual Novel / Dating sim (whichever you prefer) with voice acting as its main theme. In this game, you’ll play as a newbie voice actor who strives for the Seiyuu Award. On his way to reach his goal, though, he will still live his daily life and YOU get to make the choices on how he should spend the days.

Do you want him to take on extra lessons in order to reach the goal faster? Or, would you like to go on a romantic date with the guy you accidentally met at shopping mall? It’s ALL your choice.

The game is highly interactive and there’s no usual restriction in plot that you get in ordinary VNs. If you don’t feel like working, feel free to slack. If you feel like being single for the rest of your life, yes it can be done (why would you do it in a DATING sim, though?). Just keep in mind that ALL your actions matter and will decide how the game ends!

Wanna try it out firsthand? You can play the demo NOW!

>>>>>>> Download link <<<<<<<

Disclaimer: All parts of the demo are still subject to changes. The final build of the game may differ from the demo, but you get the idea on how we want this game to be.

The demo contains only the first two weeks of the game. Some features are still disabled in this demo, but you get the rough idea on how we want to approach this game. Notes: The demo has NOT been proofread, so there might be some grammatical mistakes here and there. However, we want you to know that the final game will be thoroughly proofread by professionals, so don’t worry.

For the full game, you can play as the main character for around 1 year game time. There are 5 love interests + 1 secret character that are woo-able. The estimated completion date is Summer 2017. It might sound far away, but we don’t want to make promises that we can’t fulfill. This estimate is a worst-case one, so there’s a chance it might be released sooner than that.


You’ll play as a newbie voice actor, who’s also a runaway, who’s on the verge of being kicked out from his agency. Going back home is not an option, thus begin his journey to become a good-enough-voice-actor-to-not-get-kicked-out-of-the-agency! Join his journey and woo some guys on the way!


  • REVERSIBLE ROLES In Seiyuu Danshi, you are able to choose whether you want to TOP or BOTTOM. Even better, you are NOT restricted to one role in a relationship and can freely choose your preferred role in EACH intercourse!
  • FOREPLAY MODE Are you tired of those intercourses without preparation? In Seiyuu Danshi, you have to go on “FOREPLAY MODE” and prepare your partner before the actual intercourse! Each character has different preferences in what parts they want to stimulate! Don’t forget to keep your role preferences in mind when stimulating your partner! (To-be-added feature: Flipping the guys. Do you want to see his face and abs? Just toggle the “front view”. Wanna see his bum, instead? Ask him to flip over by toggling the “behind view”)
  • DRESS-UP SCENE Before going on a date, you can choose which clothes you want to wear. Each of the guys like different types of clothing, so keep that in mind! Psst, you may get additional affection bonus when you “accidentally” wear the same clothes as your partner! There’ll be 500+ kinds of clothes consists of casual, preppy, funky, elegance and sporty.
  • ROAM THE TOWN Our game features the clickable town map that you can travel through. Spend time with your love or spend your own sweet time in the nearby cafe… it’s your choice.
  • LOVERS LIFE Unlike other dating sims, in which the game ends after the main character gets a lover, in this game you can still play even after you get a lover! Not only experiencing the intimate moments, you also get to argue and fight like actual couple!
  • JOB SYSTEM In this game, there is a unique range of voice acting jobs, starting from anime gigs to BL game works, whether to accept them or not is your choice! Keep in mind, though, that you have to go on an audition first before you get the job!
  • WALLPAPER SYSTEM Your phone has a wallpaper that will change depending on your level of relationship with someone! When you have a crush on someone, your wallpaper will be that of your crush and when you get a boyfriend, your wallpaper picture will be that of your boyfriend and you!
  • DATE SYSTEM On weekends, you can take on the guys on a date on various date locations. Spend your time and energy carefully so that you can increase the most affection!
  • CG GALLERY & SCENE REPLAY SYSTEM Every dating sim will not be complete without these two features. This game will have a CG gallery where you can view CGs that you have obtained and replay the scenes!

About the creators:

Meyaoi Games is comprised of a very small team, consisting only two sisters who love both yaoi and games.

Steal Bl Game

Stretch goals and Voice acting:

If the voice acting stretch-goal is met, the cast will be decided by backers voting (those with [Complete Digital Pack] tier and above) via private forum.

Social media promotion campaign

Any tweets containing #SeiyuuDanshi hashtag will be counted towards reaching the goal! Once the goal has been reached, additional contents, which is 4-koma chibi manga and childhood pics of the characters will be created.


Steal Bl Game Download Pc

Pop over now to pledge your support!

1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

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Steal the bases and make it back home to score a point.

Steal Bl Game

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Steal bl game download

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