Street Fighter 5 Unlock Costumes

The master of Saikyo-ryu and more are closing out the Street Fighter V roster.
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Street Fighter 5 Unlock Costumes

Street Fighter 5 has launched for the PlayStation 4 and PC, and with that launch comes a slew of players who are eager to unlock alternate colors and costumes for their favorite characters. We have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that we’re going to tell you how to unlock all 8 alternate colors for each of the 16 characters in Street Fighter 5. The bad news is that even though you can complete all of the requirements to unlock one alternate costume for each character, you won’t have access to the costume until the Street Fighter 5 store opens sometime next month.

Street Fighter 5 DLC Characters

You can buy the Street Fighter 5 season pass to get each DLC character as they’re released. However, if you don’t want to fork over the cash, you can use in-game Fight Money to unlock each new character. Capcom has stated that each DLC character in the first season (six in total) will run about 100,000 Fight Money. The first DLC character will be Alex, who becomes available sometime in March. To figure out the best way to make money quickly, be sure to check out our Street Fighter 5 Fight Money article!

You start with Colors 1 & 2 for all costumes. The remaining colors must be earned with total victory in Survival Mode. When playing Survival Mode you will only unlock the extra colors for the.

  • The code to unlock Urien's secret costume is hold LP+MK+HP after selecting him on the character select screen. This works for all his costumes.
  • This is the list of alternate costumes in Street Fighter V. 1 Releases 1.1 Season 1 1.2 Season 2 1.3 Season 3 1.4 Champion Edition 2 List of alternate costumes 2.1 Abigail 2.2 Akuma 2.3 Alex 2.4 Balrog 2.5 Birdie 2.6 Blanka 2.7 Cammy 2.8 Chun-Li 2.9 Cody 2.10 Dhalsim 2.11 E. Honda 2.12 Ed 2.13.

If you’re just getting into Street Fighter 5, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide and glossary so you can hit the ground running!

Street Fighter 5 Alternate Character Colors

Let’s get right to it and discuss the color options available for each character. You begin with two color options without doing any work. You can change your outfit any time you select your character and in the battle settings in various modes of play. Each character has an additional eight color options that you can unlock via Survival Mode.

There are four difficulty levels in Survival Mode: Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell. As you play through and complete each difficulty level, you will unlock additional colors for the character you completed Survival Mode with. For example, if you beat Survival Mode on Easy with Karin, you will unlock Color 3 for Karin. It’s a bit of a grind, but if you want all of the colors it’s a necessary evil. If you have trouble, be sure to check out our Survival Mode guide! Here’s a quick look at how to unlock each alternate color option.

Survival Mode - Unlock Alternate Colors
DifficultyMatchesColor Unlocked
Normal304, 5, 6
Hard507, 8, 9, 10
Hell100Fighter Profile Title

Street Fighter 5 Alternate Character Costumes

At the moment you can see all of the alternate character costumes in Street Fighter 5 by playing through Story Mode with each character. Unfortunately, you cannot actually select those costumes outside of Story Mode until the Street Fighter 5 in-game store becomes available sometime in March 2016. Luckily you can do all of the heavy lifting now so you don’t have much to do when the store opens.

The first thing you need to do to unlock alternate costumes in Street Fighter 5 is complete Story Mode with the character you want the costume for. If you want Karin’s alternate outfit, complete her short Story Mode. This unlocks the ability to purchase the outfit in the Street Fighter store for around 40,000 Fight Money each.

Once you’ve completed Story Mode with your character of choice, it’s recommended that you complete Story Mode with every other character, even if you don’t care for their alternate costume. By completing Story Mode with all 16 characters, you will earn over 150,000 in Fight Money. That’s more than enough to buy the first DLC character, and at least one costume. If you don’t care about the DLC characters, that nearly four alternate costumes just by completing Story Mode.

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Alternate Costumes are different outfits for characters in Street Fighter 5. These alternative skins will completely change the look of the fighters, but won’t affect their combat abilities.Sadly, only a few are available at the time, with more promised to come in the March update. This guide will show you all knownSFV alternate costumes and how to unlock them.
We also have a guide about How to unlock Costume Colors in SFV

We’ll update the guide with new skins as they appear, along with ways to obtain them.

Ryu Costumes

Battle Costume Ryu: If you’ve preordered the game at Gamestop, you’ll receive this outfit.
Story Costume Ryu: You’ll have to buy this skin in the in-game store after beating the Story Mode with Ryu (available in March).

Ken Outfits

Story Mode Ken (coming in March): When you beat the Story Mode with Ken, you’ll get the ability to buy this costume from the store.

Chun-Li Costumes

Battle Costume Chun-Li: This outfit is a preorder bonus for everyone who bought a digital copy of the game before release.
Story Mode Chun-Li (locked until March): After beating the Story Mode fights as Chun-Li, you’ll unlock this costume for purchase in the SFV shop.

Vega Skins

Story Mode Vega: When you finish the Story missions with Vega, you’ll get the opportunity to buy this outfit in the in-game shop. Sadly, the shop won’t be online until March.

Zangief Alternative Outfits

Zangief Story Outfit (available in March): After beating the short Story mode chain of fights, you’ll this skin will appear in the in-game store.

Cammy Costumes

Battle Costume Cammy: This outfit is a bonus for all those who’ve preordered the game at Best Buy.
Cammy Story Outfit: The olden day Cammy suit will show up in the shop in March, but only after you beat the Story mode with her.

Dhalsim Outfits

Story Mode Dhalsim: This alternative version of Dhalsim will become available in a month, when the store update goes live. You’ll have to go through the story mode as him, which will unlock the costume for purchase.

F.A.N.G Skins

FANG Story Suit: F.A.N.G is one of the new characters, just added to the series. Finishing his story fights will give you insight into who he is, but will also allow you to buy this costume from the shop come March.

M. Bison Costumes

Battle Costume M. Bison: Preordering the game from Amazon would net you this unique skin.
Story Mode M. Bison: This one cannot be obtained at the moment. It will be available once the in-game shop goes live, but only after you’ve gone through the Story Mode with Bison.

Nash Outfits

Nash Story Costume: As with the other characters, you’ll have to beat the story mode for this one to become available. After that, you’ll have to buy it from the in-game shop if you want to use it. The shop won’t be online until sometime in March.

Laura Alt Skins

Story Mode Laura (coming in March): If you want the Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter to use the outfit from the story mode, you’ll have to beat said mode with her first, then purchase the costume from the shop.

Karin Alternate Costumes

Karin Story Outfit: Getting this costume is an easy feat – first plow through the story fights with Karin. Then go to the store and buy the outfit using Fight Money (the store won’t be up for another month).

Rashid Outfits

Story Mode Rashid

Street Fighter 5 Costume Code

: If you wish to use the outfit Rashid wears in the story missions, you’ll have to buy it in the shop (once it’s live, in March). It will be unavailable until you beat the story mission fights as Rashid.

Street Fighter 5 Characters Costumes

R. Mika Skins

Rainbow Mika Story Outfit: Unlocking the story mode costume for the pro wrestler is done the same as with the others. First you’ll need to finish the story mode playing as her, then you’ll have to purchase it from the in-game shop. The shop isn’t in the game yet (it should be added in a month), so there’s no way of getting it at the moment.

Necalli Costumes

Necali Story Costume (coming soon): The soul-eating Aztec warrior is one of the new fighters in SFV. His story costume is unlocked by winning the story fights as him, then going to the shop and using Fight Money to purchase it. You’ll have to wait for the store to go live, though. Like the default outfit, this one has glowing hair when using the V skills.

Birdie Outfits

Street Fighter 5 Costume Mods

Story Mode Birdie

Street Fighter 5 How To Unlock Battle Costumes

: Getting the story outfit for the chain-wielding, moustache-donning brute is as easy as it gets. Just win the story mode as him, and the costume will appear in the store. You’ll need some in-game currency to buy it, but you’ll have to wait until March for the store to go live anyway, so you can save up.

Street Fighter Costume