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I got a call from a friend from high school and we were chatting and it turns out she is a stripper now. Stripper, I was wondering, do any of you strip, know anyone who strips, or have any stories in general about it? My friend stripped for a birthday party one time.

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The chicks loved it, he got money. No, I wasn't there.

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I had a gf that became a stripper while I was dating her. Things went downhill very fast form that wedgie.

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Originally posted by max See I was kind of wondering about that, she has a boyfriend at the moment, but he is away military so As for the pics, I have pics of her, but not being a stripper, so sorry, I can't help you with stripper pics. Not that I could post them anyway, I don't think she would approve Any reference to females and someone will request pics.

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It's like a hard-wired reaction around here. Maybe some experimentation is in order. Hey everyone, I need to get a stripper present beautiful young wett pussies my 86 year wedgie grandmother, what kind of dress would look good on her?