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  1. Although he is in her constant company, his comments in Spanish indicates he finds her wearisome, and his actions shows a willingness to accept the attention of other older ladies. Papi usually wears purple clothes, and his styled hair is green, which apparently is due to his age as he has claimed to having black hair when younger. He always laughs after saying something rude to and about Suga Mama in Spanish.
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your daddy your dadPapi
your pappy
your poppy
I knew your daddy was on the take.
Zola, your daddy's my hero.
I think your dad needs to see you.
Fuiste capturado por cámaras unas veces cuando tu papi dijo que estabas en casa haciendo tareas.
You were caught on film a few times when your dad said that you were at the house doing homework.
We go son, see with your papi.
You got that from your Papi.
When your daddy was in middle...
Barbara, you stay with your daddy.
Con tu papi, sea quien sea, seguro que nos amamos por cierto tiempo.

Come Here Papi In Spanish

Well, your daddy, whoever he was... surely we loved each other for a period of time.

Definition Of Papi In Spanish

Just like I p-promised your daddy.
You watch your daddy operate now, Sugar.
You're swamp trash, like your daddy.
No hace falta traer a tu papi en esto, bomboncito.
There is no need... to bring your daddy into this, sugar lumps.
Show me the famous triple deke your daddy taught you.

Meaning Of Papi In Spanish

Sugar papi in spanish translation
Baby, look at your daddy.
I'm your daddy's brother.
We don't need your daddy's money.
Tell me how your daddy helps you cope with that.
That was a long funeral for your daddy.
Dear Bobby, It's your Daddy.
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