Surface Pro 4 Power Button Not Working

If you’re Surface Pro 4 is having issues shutting down, normally you would initiate a shutdown manually using the power button by holding it down. Sometime however this doesn’t work and you will need to initiate a two button shutdown. Hold Down the Volume Up Button Whilst Holding Down the Volume Up Button, Hold and. Remove the power adapter, mouse, keyboard, external drive, and other accessories connected to Surface Pro 4. After doing so, press the power button for about a minute, release after 30 seconds and again press for 5-10 seconds. This will turn on the Surface Pro 4 device and will start working fine.

Surface Pro4 is a fourth-generation surface series Windows tablet similar to a laptop that is developed, designed, and produced by Microsoft.

This Surface Pro 4 comes with an updated feature in excess of its predecessor, including Skylake CPUs, more SSD and RAM options, and great resolution plus it is compatible with its predecessor’s accessories.

But as we all know that all electronic stuff comes with few faults in it and so as Surface Pro 4. This device initially showed a failure to sleep as it should be which drains the battery quickly.

Along with this, there is one more common issue encountered by Surface Pro 4 users and that is surface pro 4 won’t turn on.

I have a Surface Pro 4. It is not turning on suddenly.

I try to charge it, the connector LED shows solid white. But I think it is not charging the battery only. I have used my Surface Book charger with it as well with no result.

Can anybody help me here?

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Well, to fix surface pro 4 not turning on issue you need to go through this article where I have provided few solutions that will work for you to turn on your Surface Pro device.

So, without wasting any time let’s get started…

What Do I Do If My Surface Pro 4 Won’t Turn On?

To turn on Surface Pro 4, simply go through the solutions that I have listed below and see which of the fixes help you overcome surface pro 4 won’t turn on the problem.

Solution 1- Perform Reset

This solution is the easiest one that will fix Microsoft surface pro 4 won’t turnon issue. Performing a reset is not like other Windows device, it is a two-button reset that will make everything work fine.

Here are the steps to perform the two-button reset:

  • First of all, press & hold the power button for at least 30 seconds
  • Once the Surface Pro is turned off, press the power button and the volume button together and hold for minimum 15 seconds
  • Doing so the screen will flash Surface logo, do not release the buttons before 15 seconds
  • After you release both the power and volume button, wait for at least 10 seconds

Now, turn on the Surface Pro by pressing the power button normally and see whether it gets turned on or not.

Surface Pro 3 Power Button

If you have accidentally put your device into the sleep mode then surface pro 4 won’t turn on at all, you just then have to wait for Microsoft to release a patch and fix this issue.

Solution 2- Drain the Battery

If your Surface Pro 4 does not turn on, then draining the battery may fix this problem. Many users have reported that draining the battery and disconnecting the device Surface Pro 4 from the power adapter will solve this issue.

This process might take a few hours, so it is advised to leave the Surface Pro 4 for more than 24 hours to let the battery drain completely.

After the battery got drained completely, connect your Surface Pro 4 tablet with a power adapter, and see if it gets turned on or not.

Solution 3- Make Sure the Charging Wire is Working

If the surface pro 4 won’t turn on even when it is on charging then you must check the charging cable.

See whether the small LED light which is at the end of the cable and the one connected to the device is continuous lighting or not.

If the charging cable light is on then there might be some other reason for Surface pro 4 on turning on, maybe the device got damaged or corrupted, and if not then you need to change the cable.

Solution 4- Turn On Surface with Hotkeys

To turn on the Surface device you can use hotkeys. In case you are using other keyboards attached to your Surface device then press Windows + P key for a couple of times.

If you are using touch cover or type cover to operate Surface Pro 4 device then you need to press Windows + Shift + Ctrl + B key at the same time to fix Surface Pro 4 won’t turn on issue.

For tablet mode, press both the Volume up and down button three times back and forth to turn on the device.

After trying the hotkeys it is expected that your Surface device is turned on without creating any problem and you are able to work properly.

Solution 5- Change the Battery

If still the Surface Pro 4 does not turn on then you might need to change the battery.

First, try to charge the surface tablet for 30 minutes and then try to turn it on to check whether it starts working or not.

If not then changing the battery is the solution to turn on your Surface Pro 4. To replace the battery you have to visit the Microsoft website and first get to know information about the battery life.

Solution 6- Disconnect All Surface Accessories

Disconnect all the surface device accessories/peripheral to fix the surface pro 4 won’t turn on problem.


Remove the power adapter, mouse, keyboard, external drive, and other accessories connected to Surface Pro 4.

After doing so, press the power button for about a minute, release after 30 seconds and again press for 5-10 seconds. This will turn on the Surface Pro 4 device and will start working fine.

Solution 7- Connect the Surface Pro to Another Power Outlet

Several Surface users have reported that they are able to fix surface pro 4 won’t turn on at all problem by connecting it to other power outlets.

If your surface device is connected to the power outlet where the other devices are connected that you might face this issue.

Try connecting the surface device to different power outlets where no other device is connected and then turn on your surface device.

After doing so your surface pro 4 will start working again without any trouble.

Solution 8- Cool Down your Surface Pro 4 Device

Due to overheating there are chances that your surface pro 4 does not turn on. Well, if you are continuously using your surface tablet then obviously it will get overheated and creates a problem.

Keep your surface tablet in a cold room for 30 minutes; let the system be cooled down and try to turn it on.

Though it can be a little weird workaround but it will be helpful to turn on the Surface device if the problem is because of overheating.

Surface Pro 4 Power Button Not Working

People Also Ask:

There are few reasons due to which surface pro does not turn on such as overheating, the battery is drained out, charging cable not working or accidentally put the device into sleep mode.

You can simply turn on the Surface device by performing the two-button reset. Go through the first solution mentioned in this article to perform reset.

There is only one way to know if your surface pro is charging or not. Select the battery icon and see if the power plug is next to it.

You can also see the small LED light on the charging cable as well as on the surface device. If the LED light on both sides is lighting then your surface pro is charging.

Surface Pro 4 Power Button Not Working Toward

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That would be all.

I have mentioned the solutions that will help you overcome the surface pro 4 won’t turn on problem and make everything work fine.

After your issue is resolved try to update your system to prevent this problem to occur in the future. I hope that this article helped you in fixing the surface pro 4 not turning on the issue.

In case the problem still persists after performing the solutions then there might be a hardware issue with the Surface device where you need to contact Microsoft for the advice.

Apart from this, if you feel like asking something then simply write to us on our Facebookpage. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

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Surface Pro 4 Power Button Not Working Dfu Mode

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All Surface Pro users know how to force a restart their device. You press and hold down the power button for around 30 seconds and then and release it. This is a Normal shutdown. You press it again to restart it.

In normal shutdowns (from Windows or pressing the power button), the kernel session is hibernated. This is known asHybrid Boot. In this mode, the kernel session is not closed, but it is hibernated. This “kernel only” data file is smaller compared to the normal Hibernate file.

However if you shutdown your Surface and it does not turn back on or it does not resolve your issues then following the below will reset the Hardware and fully restart your device.

You need to completely shutdown the device. You can do this by performimg what is called as the Surface Pro Two Button Shutdown. This process ensures that ensure that Surface is turned off completely.

To do this, press and hold the Volume-up button and the Power button on the your Surface at the same time for 15 seconds and then release both of them. The screen may flash the Surface logo, but remember to continue holding down the buttons for 15 seconds.

Note: This is to be used on Surface Pro tablets only. Do not use this process on Surface RT or Surface 2 tablets.