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  1. I can establish a PC to MAC connection (and visa versa), but MacBook Air to Macbook Pro (and visa versa) triggers the 'Version out of date/Reason unknown' sequence of errors. Does not seem to be TV version specific. MAC OS version is High Sierra 10.13.6 on both machines. TeamViewer version are the same on the MACs - 12.0.139437.
  2. If you have heavy usage, connect to any computers on a business network or business internet connection or from a business network or business internet connection/Server OS/VPN/Virtual Machines, or a licensed version of the software on either network, it will detect that and pop up Commercial Use Suspected (or one of their other detection and message types).
  3. I know this issue has been reported earlier, and I have searched other posts, but that still didn't solve my problem. I am using the free - 108188.
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At times though, the Teamviewer website can have problems and we’ve seen recently hundreds of users experiencing Teamviewer connection problems with errors popping up at the worst time.

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Is Teamviewer down on Monday December 7, 2020 right now for you? Give us your status below and let us know which area you are in so we can determine how widespread it is when Teamviewer outages occur.

ReasonTeamviewer 9 unable to connect reason unknown

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Look out for updates in the comments section if there is a global Teamviewer outage today and find out from other Teamviewer users if service is down.