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Apparently this is a very controversial idea. Some people are twin girl hot naked their hair out over the thought that young girls might enjoy a wank every once in a while.

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God forbid we should accept toys young women feel pleasure — and even actively participate in supporting young women to do so. This is compared to a whole host of studies out there, that are suggesting the majority of women only orgasm about 20 per cent to a third of the time when having penetrative sex with men.

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Definitely not. Interestingly, lesbian women orgasm during sex much more frequently — 86 per cent of the time. But seriously, what do people believe?

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And then women will never masturbate and never have sex. Like where can I find my clit, is it one hole or two, is scissoring a thing, and if so how do I do that with my girlfriend I can confirm that it is, in fact, a thing.


I was lying in bed one night, I must have been maybe ten or eleven — maybe even younger, the details are a bit of a blur — and I just touched my vagina differently to how I usually did, and I just wanked. It just kind of happened. Funny, that. We Brits are, after all, pretty big prudes — add to that a healthy dose of misogyny and you have yourself a society that rarely using about sex, and when it does, teen at it through the male gaze.

But somehow society always seems to make everything about straight men — including lesbians, including sex, including orgasms.