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The Last of Us for PC

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The Last Of Us Product Key

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  • The Last of Us is a third-person Survival-Action game and PlayStation 3 exclusive featuring a unique character action driven storyline focused on the unlikely pairing of a young girl and a hardened scavenger in a post-apocalyptic gameworld.
  • The Last of Us is one of the highest rated games in history of gaming. It was originally released only on the PlayStation 3 console, but in 2014 it was also remastered for the PS4. The Last of Us is a combination of an action adventure and survival horror genres. The action takes place in the near future in which humanity has been decimated.

The Last Of Us Product Key Entry

You want to play the version for PC but don't have a PlayStation 3 or 4? Then you need to get the ported version of the The Last of Us for Windows.This website provides download mirrors for the PC version of The Last of Us for PC.The The Last of Us for PC works exactly the same as on the console and you can use the keyboard and mouse to control the game but we recommend to use a game-pad/controller to enhance your gaming experience, after all the console version was designed to play with a controller.If you want to play this game you should go to the download section on this website and follow the steps provided there.If you want to know if your PC can run this game you can compare the specs of your PC with the reccomended requierments found at the bottom of this page.If you experience any errors or bugs and want to help us improve the PC ported version of The Last of Us then goto the contact page and send us an e-mail with details about the found problem(s).
Have fun playing the The Last of Us on PC!