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Mar 06, 2016  I searched on Internet again and I found this tool Universal HASP SRM / HL / 4 / Hardlock Dongle Dumper v.1.3. It can dump HASP key and create registry file for you altogether. It’s a awesome tool made by rengteam. Great thanks to rengteam. Finally, I managed to install MultiKey USB Dongle Emulator. Now, I want to write some steps here.

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Risk Level:

Threat Name:Hasp Emulator
Threat Family:Hasp Emulator
Type:Potentially Unwanted Application
Subtype:Adware and PUAs
Registry Clean-Up Tool:Free Download

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and Windows XP

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What is Hasp Emulator?

Hasp Emulator is a common and potentially unwanted application (PUA), a type of malware that although harmless, is usually unwanted on your system. Most potentially unwanted applications monitor user behavior to unleash targeted pop-up advertisements that denigrate computer performance and impede the user experience.

Universal hasp emulator download windows

Like other potentially unwanted applications, Hasp Emulator gains entry onto vulnerable machines via user download. When a browser is opened, Hasp Emulator begins running in the background under the guise of a program designed to improve user experience and functionality. Unfortunately, Hasp Emulator is only engaging in information capture or attempting to advertise unwanted products and services.

What are Potentially Unwanted Applications?

Potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) such as Hasp Emulator are not inherently malicious, but can engage in unethical, unwanted, or masked behaviors. These applications are commonly bundled with intentionally sought after software applications.

Hasp Emulator, like many other potentially unwanted applications, monitors and captures user behavior to flood infected computers with large quantities of unsolicited pop-up advertisements. Though not a browser hijacker (which will actually control browsing behavior), it can make exposed browsers subject to spam, unwanted toolbar add-ons, extension programs, and pop-up advertisements.

How did Hasp Emulator get on my Computer?

Hasp Emulator is commonly bundled with seemingly innocuous freeware/shareware downloads. It may have found its way onto your computer in any number of ways, including:

  • External media, such as pen drive, DVD, and memory card already infected with Hasp Emulator
  • Free downloads provided by malicious websites
  • Bundled in the install process of other software you install
  • Spam email attachments
  • Torrent or bulk upload sites providing free downloads
  • Programs providing graphical enhancements, such as mouse pointer icons, desktop themes and backgrounds, and emoticons and smileys
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs

Symptoms of Hasp Emulator Infection

The primary symptoms of Hasp Emulator infections are:

  • Unwanted advertisements—particularly pop-ups—start appearing during internet activity
  • Your browser is redirected without user-action
  • Offers and adverts for strange or unusual websites start appearing
  • An increase in spam email messages
  • Change in the browser settings, primarily the home page setting. Other settings that it affects include your browser startup, downloads, tabs, search, content, and privacy
  • New search toolbars in your browser
  • Browser pop-ups / program that appear to advertise products

Removing Hasp Emulator

Universal Hasp Emulator Download For Pc

Download Dongle Emulator

To remove Hasp Emulator from your computer, perform the following steps:

  1. Remove Hasp Emulator manually from your Windows installed programs
  2. Reset your browser
  3. Use an anti-malware program
  4. Clean your Windows Registry

Universal Hasp Emulator Download For Windows 10

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Universal Hasp Emulator Download Windows 10

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Universal Hasp Emulator Download

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