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Country of origin: Belgium Location: Klein-Brabant, Antwerp Status: Split-up Formed in: 2008 Genre: Black Metal Lyrical themes: N/A Last label: Art of Propaganda. Find Vex discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. Short-lived '80s South London anarcho-punk band who gigged with Conflict but leaned more on goth and new wave influences. VEX - Sanctuary. Anxiety69, Nov 21, 2009. Replies: 2 Views: 6,016. Anxiety69 Nov 26, 2009. Aus-Rotten - Not One Single Fucking Hit Discography. Sanctuary: The Complete Discography collects all of the Vex material that was ever put to tape on one limited-edition LP for the first time ever. The lead singer of Vex, Scrote, had this to say of the reissue: “We were an anarcho punk band in the truest sense of the word, even though our musical sound may nowadays be classed as something.

This articles is discography for the British space rock band Spiritualized.


Studio albums[edit]

YearAlbum detailsPeak chart positionsCertifications
(sales thresholds)
1992Lazer Guided Melodies
  • Released: March 1992
  • Label: Dedicated
  • Format: CD, 2×LP
1995Pure Phase
  • Released: March 1995
  • Label: Dedicated/Arista
  • Format: Sampler 12', 2×12', CD, Ltd.CD
1997Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
  • Released: June 1997
  • Label: Dedicated/Arista
  • Format: Cassette, 2×12', CD, Ltd. CD, 12×3'CD
  • WW: Platinum
  • UK: Gold[6]
2001Let It Come Down
  • Released: September 2001
  • Label: Arista
  • Format: 2×LP, CD, Ltd.CD
  • BPI: Silver[6]
2003Amazing Grace
  • Released: September 2003
  • Label: Dedicated/Arista
  • Format: CD, LP, 3×12'
2008Songs in A&E
  • Released: May 2008
  • Label: Universal/Sanctuary
  • Format: CD, Book, LP
2012Sweet Heart Sweet Light
  • Released: April 2012
  • Label: Double Six/Fat Possum
  • Format: CD, LP
2018And Nothing Hurt
  • Released: September 2018
  • Label: Double Six/Fat Possum
  • Format: CD, LP, digital download

Live albums[edit]

TitleAlbum detailsUK Albums
Fucked Up Inside
  • Released: June 1993
  • Label: Dedicated
  • Formats: LP, CD
Royal Albert Hall October 10 1997
  • Released: October 1998
  • Label: Dedicated
  • Formats: 2×LP, 2×CD

Compilation albums[edit]

Vex Sanctuary The Complete Discography Walkthrough

TitleAlbum details
  • Released: March 2003
  • Label: Spaceman/Arista
  • Format: 2×CD
  • Released: January 2004
  • Label: Spaceman/Arista
  • Format: 2×CD

Other releases[edit]

'Anyway That You Want Me'Promo 7'/7'/12'/CDDedicatedJun 90UK #75
'Anyway That You Want Me'Remix 12'DedicatedJul 90
'Feel So Sad/I Want You (Demo)'7'/CDFierceMay 91
'Feel So Sad (Rhapsodies)/ Feel So Sad (Glides & Chimes)'12'/CDDedicatedJun 91
'Run/I Want You'7'/12'/CDDedicatedAug 91UK #59
'Smiles/Sway'7'/12'/CDDedicatedNov 91
'Run/Angel Sigh'Promo CDDedicatedMar 92
'Feel So Bad'Promo CDDedicatedMar 92
'I Want You'7'/CDDedicatedMar 92
Lazer Guided Melodies2LP/CDDedicatedMay 92UK #27
'Medication'7”/12'/CDDedicatedJul 92UK #55
Fucked Up InsideLP/CDDedicatedJun 93
'Smiles/100 Bars'7' FlexiDedicatedJun 93
'Good Dope, Good Fun'7'Greenpeace RecordsOct 93
'Electric Mainline EP'7'/12'/CDDedicatedOct 93UK #49
'Let It Flow'Promo CD/10'/CD1/CD2/CD3DedicatedJan 95UK #30
Pure PhaseSampler 12'/2x12'/CD/Ltd.CDDedicatedMar 95UK #20
'Lay Back in the Sun'Promo CD/7'/CDDedicatedSep 95
'Anyway That You Want Me'7'Sub-PopOct 95
'Pure Phase Tones for DJs'12'DedicatedFeb 96
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in SpaceCassette/2x12'/CD/Ltd.CD/12x3'CDDedicatedJun 97UK # 4
'Broken Heart'Promo CDDedicatedJul 97
'Electricity'Promo CD/7”/CD1/CD2DedicatedAug 97UK #32
'Supplementary Dosage EP'CDArista/DedicatedOct 97
'I Think I'm in Love'Promo 12'/CDArista/DedicatedNov 97
'I Think I'm in Love'12'/CDDedicatedFeb 98UK #27
'Come Together'Promo CDArista/DedicatedMar 98
'Abbey Road EP'12'/CDDeconstructionJun 98UK #39
'Abbey Road EP'CD (Germany)DeconstructionAug 98
'Abbey Road EP'CDArista/DedicatedAug 98
'Come Together Remix Single'12'DedicatedAug 98
Live At The Royal Albert HallPromo CD 4-track album samplerDedicated Spirit017CDP LC 82801998
Royal Albert Hall October 10 19972LP/2CDDedicatedOct 98UK #38
'Electricity/Come Together'DVDAristaDec 00
'Stop Your Crying'Promo CD/12”/CDSpacemanAug 01UK #18
Let It Come Down2LP/CD/Ltd.CDSpacemen/AristaSep 01UK # 3; US #133
'Out of Sight'12'/CDSpacemanNov 01UK #65
'Do It All Over Again'7'/CD1/CD2SpacemanFeb 02UK #31
'KFSD Presents the First-Ever Spiritualized Radio Session'Promo CDSpacemanApr 02
'Amazing Grace'12'SpacemanNov 02
The Complete Works: Volume One2CDSpaceman/AristaMar 03
Amazing GraceCD/LP/3x12”SanctuarySep 03UK #25
'She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit)'12'/CDSanctuarySep 03UK #38
'Cheapster'7'SanctuaryJan 04
The Complete Works: Volume Two2CDSpaceman/AristaJan 04
'Soul on Fire'7'/CDUniversal, SanctuaryMay 8UK #80
Songs In A&ECD/Book/LPUniversal, SanctuaryMay 8UK #15; US #157
'Sweet Talk' / 'You Lie You Cheat'7'/7'Universal, SanctuaryNov 08
Sweet Heart Sweet LightDouble SixApr 12UK #19; US #60

Vex Sanctuary The Complete Discography Box Set

Music videos[edit]

July 2012'Little Girl'Vincent Haycock
March 2012'Hey Jane'AG Rojas
May 2008'Soul On Fire'Jim Canty[8]
January 2004'Cheapster'Ben Crook & Jason Pierce[9]
August 2003'She Kissed Me (It Felt Like a Hit)'Walter Stern[10]
February 2002'Do It All Over Again'Blue Source[11]
November 2001'Out of Sight'Juliette Larthe & Jason Pierce[12]
September 2001'Stop Your Crying'Jake & Jim[13]
June 1998'Come Together'Baillie Walsh[14]
July 1997'Electricity'Tobias Zaldua & Jason Pierce[15]
February 1995'Let It Flow'
August 1991'Run'
June 1990'Any Way That You Want Me'
Vex Sanctuary The Complete Discography

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