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Possible fix when this error message displays.

Mar 10, 2010  Windows Media Player on Windows 7 Enterprise (64bit):'Windows Media Center has stopped working' location: microsoft.com - date: February 3, 2010 I am new to Windows Media Center, but when I try to start it it doesn't. I Get the message 'Windows Media Center has stopped working', Suggestions how to solve this please.

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All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Solution for 'MFC application has stopped working' By hatephis. You can't play the game due to the game crashes right after the cutscene? Windows does not store this setting after the game has been closed. Mar 04, 2013  With the player running, open Task Manager, you will see the player application running, along with its name. Flstudio 12 regkeyreg zip file. When you right click the Application, you will have an option to Go To Process The Processes Tab opens, with the running process associated with the application highlighted. As you can see, the Process in use is called AviView.exe! You first need to check the Windows Event Viewer and its logs. You may be able to find a recent event related to CrossFire MFC. Usually, The Windows Event Viewer can give some hints (it shows a log of application and system messages, including errors, information messages, and warnings).

I hope this may help others with a similar configuration and situation. I have WinDVD 8 LE that came with the Pioneer BDC-2202. Besides not being able to play blu ray dvds on windvd (that is a whole different problem that I am trying to research!), I started to get the following error message recently when trying to start WinDVD.
WINDVD MFC Application has stopped working

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My system consists of ..
OS: Vista Home Premium
VideoMobo: Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H
Processor: AMD 64x2 4800
Video Card: (onboard disabled) Diamond HD2600XT 512MB
Optical Drive: Pioneer BDC-2202
I don't know what the specific issue was in the new driver, but I know what caused the problem. When I updated the audio driver (Realtek High Definition Audio Driver with DTS Function WEB Version R1.72(5449) ) from the Gigabyte website, I started to get the error listed above when launching WinDVD. To fix the problem, I backed out the updated driver with the original one that came with the Gigabyte driver disk (RealTek the problem went away.

Video Player Mfc Application Has Stopped Working Windows 10

Video Player Mfc Application Has Stopped Today

Anyway, hope this helps someone in the same situation.