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Simple tool for creating (2,2) visual cryptography schemes. These are described by various authors, first by Naor & Shamir (1994). I've written this tool because the only other application I found online was a jar. 'visCrypt is a program for your Pocket PC to encrypt and decrypt any files and documents. You can secure any documents in the internal memory and on memory cards comfortably with visCrypt. Even saving of whole folders and subfolders is done quickly.' The following Matlab project contains the source code and Matlab examples used for visual cryptography. This program generates a two-out-of-two Visual Cryptography Scheme shares. Jun 07, 2011  The file 'VisCrypt.m' has been updated to fix this issue. Image Processing Toolbox; MATLAB Release Compatibility. Created with R13 Compatible with any release Platform Compatibility Windows macOS Linux. Data Import and Analysis Encryption / Cryptography Tags Add Tags.

Published source code accompanying the article by Dejan Ristanovic and Jelica Protic in which they examine the Book Cipher algorithm which uses letters of subsequent words in some text or book as a key to encode messages. - Security

Associated article: The Book Cipher Algorithm

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Published source code accompanying the article by Gwyn Fisher in which he examines several types of coding vulnerabilities and examines how you can mitigate the risk of exploit within your Java, C, and C++ code. - Security

Associated article: Safe Coding Practices

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- Security

Associated article: Inside the Windows Vista Disk Encryption Algorithm

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Published and unpublished source code accompanying the article by Daniel Stoleru in which he examines Bit-Plane Complexity Segmentation which lets you embed large amounts of data in images. - Security Video titanic sub indonesia 3gp download.

Associated article: Visual Cryptography and Bit-Plane Complexity Segmentation

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Published source code accompanying the article by Per Harald Myrvang in which he presents Obol, a Lisp-like, domain-specific language for testing and experimenting with when constructing and using security protocols in real systems. Also see OBOL2.ZIP and OOBOL.ZIP. - Security

Associated article: Parameterized Communication

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Published source code accompanying the article by Ziv Gutterman and Avner Rosenan in which they examine how modern hardware devices contain information that assists the operating system in finding appropriate drivers--and intruders in finding out who was doing what when. - Security

Associated article: Device Trails

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Published source code accompanying the article by Robert Seacord in which he ports C++ programs to C++/CLI to see if they're still susceptible to buffer overflow vulnerabilities. 2 - Security

Associated article: Secure Coding in C++/CLI

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Published source code accompanying the article by Daniel Stoleru in which he examines Extended Visual Cryptography Schemes--graphical forms of information concealing. - Security

Associated article: Extended Visual Cryptography Schemes

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Published source code accompanying the article by David B. Scofield and Eric Bergman-Terrell in which they examine the .NET Cryptography API. Also see NETCRYPT.ZIP. - Security


Associated article: Sensitive Data & the .NET Crypto API

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Published data accompanying the article by Michael Larson in which he presents the ScoutSecure framework lets you monitor attacks on Wi-Fi (802.11) wireless networks. Also see SCOUT.ZIP. - Security


Associated article: The SecureScout Wi-Fi Security & Monitoring Framework

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