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First make sure you have all the necessary software installed for Vagrant to run listed in the software requirements section.

Download Vvv songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Trusted Mac download vvv 1.4. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get vvv alternative downloads. VVV (Virtual Volumes View) is a cross-platform for cataloging the contents of removable volumes (CD, DVD, etc.) allowing for off-line searching. VVV is designed to be fast, even when working with extensive catalogs. This site requires JavaScript to be enabled.

Installing VVV

There are 2 methods to getting VVV, but we recommend using git as it makes updating much easier

With git

This is the recommended method for installing VVV. Clone the main VVV repo into a local directory:

Alternatively, for faster updates and bleeding edge features, or if you want to help test the next version, use the develop branch instead of the stable branch.

Without git

There are 2 methods, both involve downloading a zip file:

  • download and extract the repository develop branch zip file to a vagrant-local directory on your computer.
  • OR download and extract a stable release zip file if you’d like some extra comfort.

Note: We strongly recommend using the git method, it makes updating VVV to get new features and fixes significantly easier.

Making Configuration Changes Before Starting For The First Time

This step is optional.

If you need to modify the config file before starting VVV for the first time, you can run vagrant status in the VVV folder, and VVV will create config/config.yml for you by copying the default config at config/default-config.yml. Modify and save config/config.yml with any adjustments you might want then proceed to start VVV. Remember, if you ever need to change this file, you need to reprovision to apply the changes.

You might do this in order to change the provider vagrant uses to Hyper-V instead of VirtualBox, or to provision additional sites the first time the VM is created to save time.

Vvv Download

Starting VVV

  1. In a terminal, or an administrator command prompt, change into the new directory with cd vagrant-local.
  2. Start the Vagrant environment with vagrant up.
    • Windows users must use a command prompt started with administrator priviledges. If you do not do this you won’t get custom host names, and vvv.test will not resolve in a browser
    • Be patient as the magic happens. This could take a while on the first run as your local machine downloads the required files.
    • Watch as the script ends, as an administrator or supassword may be required to properly modify the hosts file on your local machine. You will know it’s completed when you see the VVV logo and the teddy bear artwork.
  3. Visit the VVV Dashboard at http://vvv.test to view your new WordPress sites.

What Did That Do?

The first time you run vagrant up, a packaged box containing a basic virtual machine is downloaded to your local machine and cached for future use. The file used by Varying Vagrant Vagrants contains an installation of Ubuntu 14.04 and is about ~332MB.

After this box is downloaded, it begins to boot as a sandboxed virtual machine using VirtualBox. Once booted, it runs the provisioning script included with VVV. This initiates the download and installation of around 100MB of packages on the new virtual machine.

The time for all of this to happen depends a lot on the speed of your Internet connection. If you are on a fast cable connection, it will likely only take several minutes.

On future runs of vagrant up, the packaged box will be cached on your local machine and Vagrant will only need to apply the requested provisioning.

  • Preferred: If the virtual machine has been powered off with vagrant halt, vagrant up will quickly power on the machine without provisioning.
  • Rare: If you would like to reapply the provisioning scripts with vagrant up --provision or vagrant provision, some time will be taken to check for updates and packages that have not been installed.
  • Very Rare: If the virtual machine has been destroyed with vagrant destroy, it will need to download the full 100MB of package data on the next vagrant up.

VVV is an application that catalogs the content of removable volumes like CD and DVD disks for off-line searching. Folders and files can also be arranged in a single, virtual file system. Each folder of this virtual file system can contain files from many disks so you can arrange your data in a simple and logical way.

VVV also stores metadata information from audio files: author, title, album and so on. Most audio formats are supported.

It is possible to share the same catalog, stored in a network server, among Windows, Linux and OSX computers. The network server is simply a computer running a database server program. Click here for more info.

64 bit OS X version released

The OS X version is now available as a 64 bit app. Just download it from the download page and replace the current app.

News for the current version (1.4)

  • Fixed a bug: the program crashed cataloging files with a malformed date.
  • Now double-clicking a file will open it with the default program. Of course the file must be available. The same feature is available in the Tools/Open with default program menu and in the context menu activated by right-clicking a file.
  • The Open with default program menu is also available for folders in the right pane.
  • Now the program remembers the column widths in the search view.
  • In Search view now the program remembers the settings for filename and description (is equal/starts with/contains).
  • Added an option to show rows in alternate colors to improve readability.
  • Now the program shows files and folders sizes with thousands separators.


  • Looking for more translators. Translators are welcome for other languages: it is a matter of translating a number of sentences using a helper program. You can contact me if you are interested: contact info at the bottom of this page.
  • Some translators are not available any more or they do not have free time, so I also need help for completing the translations to the following languages: Czech, German, Spanish, French, Croatian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian. For these languages only a few sentences need to be translated, so this would take much less time than a full translation.


VVV is available for Windows, Linux and for OS X (Intel only). You can exchange catalogs between Windows, Linux and OS X computers, and you can connect Windows, Linux and OS X computers to the same (Windows, Linux or OS X) server.

Vvc download

VVV is very fast, even with very large catalogs. Data are stored in a relational database, designed to handle millions of rows, so retrieving your information will always be a quick task.

VVV can show the content of your disks in three different views:

  • The first is the physical view, click here for a Windows screenshot. This view shows the content of each disk, you can navigate in the folders structure and see the files contained in each folder.
  • The second is the virtual view, click here for a Linux screenshot. In this view everything is organized as a single virtual file system. You can create folders and you can assign physical volumes or folders to each virtual folder. You can assign the same file to more than one virtual folder, and each virtual folder can contain files that are stored in different disks. The virtual view is a powerful tool that will let you organize your data in a logical way: it will save you a lot of searches.
  • The third is the search view, click here for a Windows screenshot. In this view you can search the catalog looking for files that meet your specification.

VVV does not change your operating system in any way: everything is contained in the installation folder so you can be sure that it will not cause problems to other applications or to the operating system itself.

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Vvvv Download

Many thanks to Danny Muñiz for his help in designing this web site.

Vvc Download

VVV is hosted at Sourceforge.
VVV uses the Firebird relational database.
VVV uses the wxWidgets framework to build versions for many operating systems.
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