Wide Area Network Advantages And Disadvantages


  1. Wide Area Network Advantages And Disadvantages Differences

Metropolitan Area Network


A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a network with a size between a LAN and a WAN. It normally covers the area inside a town or a city. It is designed for customers who need a high-speed connectivity, normally to the internet, and have endpoints spread over a city or part of city. A good example of a MAN is part of the telephone company network that can provide a high-speed DSL line to the customer.
A MAN may be wholly owned and operated by a private company, or it may be a service provided by a public company, such as a local telephone company. Many telephone companies vide a popular MAN service called Switched Multi-megabit Data Services (SMDS).

High Setup Cost. Although the LAN will save cost over time due to shared computer resources but the initial setup costs of installing Local Area Networks is high. This is because any organization that will setup a network, will have to purchase necessary hardware equipment for networking.

  • Wide Area Network Disadvantages Wide area network solutions do allow for a great deal of flexibility and security between two endpoints, but there are some distinct challenges as well. Some smaller organizations may find that the price tag is too high, as connecting two remote locations securely can be more costly than running cable through a single building as you would for a LAN.
  • Drawbacks or disadvantages of WAN. Following are the disadvantages of WAN: Initial investment costs are higher. It is difficult to maintain the network. It requires skilled technicians and network administrators. There are more errors and issues due to wide coverage and use of different technologies.
  • Advantages of WANS. If your company has branches in several locations, a wide area network is a viable option to boost productivity and increase internal communications. Below are some of the more critical business advantages to establishing a WAN: Centralizes IT infrastructure — Many consider this WAN’s top advantage. A WAN eliminates the need to buy email or file servers for each office.

advantages of MAN

– It utilizes drawbacks of both LAN and WAN to provide larger and controllable computer network.
– MAN requires fewer resources compare to WAN. This saves the implementation cost.
– It helps people interface fast LANs together. This is due to easy implementation of links.
– It provides higher security compare to WAN.
– It helps in cost effective sharing of common resources such as printers etc.
– Like LAN and WAN, it also offers centralized management of data and files.

Disadvantages of MAN


– It is difficult to manage the network once it becomes large.
– It is difficult to make the system secure from hackers and industrial espionage.
– Network installation requires skilled technicians and network administrators. This increases overall installation and management costs.
– It requires more cables for connection from one place to the other compare to LAN.

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Wide Area Network Advantages And Disadvantages Differences

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