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As much as we love wholesome sitcoms and comedies, we sometimes need a little more spice women our television watching. That's where sexy TV shows come in!

Say Goodbye to 'Girls' With The Nudity-Obsessed Show's 7 Wildest Sex Scenes

There is no shortage of steamy dramas on TV these days. They're packed full of blush-inducing scenes that will have you feeling hot and bothered.

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Let's be real — the best part of being an adult is getting to watch adult shows! We all remember the shows nude our parents said were "too inappropriate" for us. Now that we're old enough to watch these sexy TV shows, we can see what the fuss was all about!

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So, with that being said, not all of these sexy TV shows will be for everyone. Some are more low-key sexy, while others really throw the sultry storylines in your face. Much like women life, whatever level of sexiness you want in a TV show will be your choice! Any of these shows will be a welcome reprieve from the mundane, vanilla series hbo TV!

If You Like Nudity, These 17 HBO Shows Are For You

Without further ado, here are the sexy TV shows your libido wants kylie minogue pussy nude to be watching! Shameless has one of the biggest benefits a sexy TV hbo can have: This allows the series to get a little more explicit with their steamy scenes! This means lots of male butts, FYI.