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I mean, we all became art kids for a reason, and that reason probably had something to do with the fact that we sucked at spots. If any of this rings even a little bit true, read on. Case in point: Whatever gets the job done. Have you ever seen anyone make running look so easy?

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That could be you after a few weeks if you agreed to train for that marathon with your friend instead of laughing hysterically for 10 minutes when she suggested it—and then 10 more when you found out she was serious! For full effect, we suggest wearing your Kundalini gown to the gym. Sign me up! The title says it all… want long, elegant limbs that bend in weird ways like ramen noodles and inexplicably end in little stumps instead of hands and feet?

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Hit the gym! Only kidding. But the long, elegant limbs thing is real, people.