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Trigger Warning: This post contains language that can be triggering for someone who has experienced sexual assault. One of the most common questions people ask a female-identified rape victim is, " what were you wearing? As we grow up, people tell us how we young act based on our sex.

Good men don't let women get raped. So why aren't you guys doing enough?

Most of all, it creates a society where we expect people to act a certain way based on their gender, and that plays right into rape culture. A new campaign launched by SheKnows is fighting back against these stereotypes, using ItsOnUs to change the conversation around sex and gender in an effort to stop sexual assault.

In a new video, the campaign shows teens holding up signs with some of these stereotypes written on them, aiming to show how young people are hurt by these common sayings.

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Sexual porn teen pakistani girls has nothing to do with what you're wearing rape, and no one is ever "asking for it. Those terms should teach everyone that sexual assault is never ok, and treat survivors with respect, never blame.

To encourage that, ItsOnUs is asking you to sign a pledge promising to to recognize that sex without consent is rape, identify potentially dangerous situations, intervene when you see someone in danger of sexual assault and to create a safe environment for survivors that is absolutely intolerant of sexual assault.

Can a Woman Rape a Man and Why Does It Matter?

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